I have a couple free patterns

I offer several free patterns on my site and I’m always adding more. I also am trying to do a chart reading tutorial that will be available at some point.


You can get to my patterns by clicking the “knit” button. :smiley:

Ooh, you’ve got a few new ones, I see (or is it possible that I overlooked the bombshell halter? I can’t imagine!). I love the Evening Diamonds. I’ll add that one to my patterns page.

I’m curious about the “Twining” method you mentioned in the bombshell halter. I couldn’t find the tutorial on that site. Is it something that can be explained sufficiently in words? It sounds like it would make a great video. (I did a Google search, and it sounds like a traditional Swedish techniques–so it should be fair use for making a video on it.)


[Later… Thanks for the emails on twining, Marnie!]

Marnie, I love your patterns LOL – I’m currently attempting the Hooray For Me Gloves (note attempt) with my newfound skills on ittybitty DPNs

Like Amy, you rock :smiley: Thank you for your website

Happy New Year!

Roxy aka Anne

PS - that’s one fabulous dog you have there

Thanks for those sweet words. If you have any specific questions about the pattern, please feel free to write me and I’ll do my best to help you out.
That pup there is Panda and she says thanks for the compliment. She’s a great doggy, indeed :wink:

WOW! Are you a designer, or just do it for fun? Those are really fantastic. So creative!

I guess a little of both. I am just doing the pattern designing as a hobby, but I’ve gotten a few pieces in line to be published. :smiley:

Marnie, those are AMAZING! Way out of my league at the moment, but when the knitting Gods bless me with profound knitting skills, I’m hitting your bookmarked page and knitting those FABULOUS pieces!

Thanks KnittingMom!
You can always contact me directly if you have any questions about my patterns. I do my best to help everyone out.

Marnie’s “Gothic Cardigan” is my favorite sweater ever. So cool!

A little history… I sent Marnie an email this fall, complimenting her on that sweater, and we started corresponding. Her pattern designs inspired me to write up my “Bumble Bees Sweater” pattern. With that bit of momentum, I was inspired to update my little knitting page from my personal site (that had about 10 videos on it), into this KnittingHelp.com site! So Marnie’s been a part of this web site “from the beginning!” And an inspiration for it too! :smiley:

Thanks Marnie!


Awe shucks. You guys flatter me WAAAAAY too much. Not that I mind, of course. :wink:

Heh heh - your Happy Hat is going to become part of my sister-in-law’s collection in about a month when I finally catch up to all my projects…
let’s see…

HFM gloves
Kyoto sweater
2 scarves
mohair Wimple
Booga Bag
1-Ball Kureyon Hat
Jordana Paige Party Apron
Very Tall Socks


Not enough hours in the day to work, eat, sleep & knit :shock:

Miss Marnie - stay brilliant. We appreciate your designs and the fact that you’re so accessible, espicially with Amy’s fabulous site :smiley: makes this like the best 1-2 punch in knitting resources these days.

ttyl Rox

:stuck_out_tongue: [color=indigo][/color]
Marnie, your patterns are something else! You sure do have a designer’s mind - wish I did! The closest I came was to design a preemie baby’s jacket!
I’ve just downloaded your ‘Flamenco Wrap’ pattern; it’s just gorgeous, and I reckon I’ll make two, and make a poncho for myself.
Your other patterns are wonderful too, and have bookmarked your lovely site for ‘future reference’. Keep up the lovely designs.
Lynn in NZ

Thank you so much, Lynn.
One suggestion I have for the flamenco wrap is to modify the border so you attach it while you are crocheting it.
Basically, every other row of the border ends with a CH5, DC in next DC. Instead, you can just slip along the edge of the wrap, ch2, and dc in next dc.
This will make more sense when you are actually working the piece :wink:
Feel free to contact me if you hit any road blocks along the way.


Your EXECUTIVE FUNK cuffs on spunmag.com


I am planning 2 pairs - one black, one white for my suits @ work

Thank you for your creativity :happydance:

That’s great news. :heart: I actually think they are fun, but you have to be a certain kind of person to want to wear them (I am that certain kind of person, of course).
Let me know if you have any questions about the pattern.

I don’t have much to add, except that I visit Marnie’s page fairly often to look at the free patterns, and the Erte Cloche hat pattern, and wonder when I’ll be experienced enough to attempt one. I need that Erte hat! It rocks! All of Marnie’s patterns are cool and gorgeous. :inlove:

Just had to add my .02.


Oh wow, some super designs here yup. I have found the exact hat I’ve been looking to make… your Halley’s Comet Hat. But of course I am immediately stymied, can’t understand what ‘No Stitch’ means.
No Stitch?! I guess I will write you Marnie…

Hi. I want to make that gorgeous hat, the Comet Hat.
Maybe Marnie’s not around lately coz I emailed her and no answer for a couple days now.

This may be really stupid but I just don’t get what No Stitch means.
Does that mean a slip stitch? Then why wouldn’t it say slip?

If anyone has time to look at the pattern on Marnie’s sight and can tell me what that mean I’d appreciate it. It’s such a sweet hat for spring.

I LOVE that hat…Marnie’s designs are awesome, but I have to say, when I see charts, I run the other way. They just look like a bunch of boxes and symbols to me. :oops: I guess I just prefer row-by-row instructions.

I would LOVE to know what “no stitch” means.

Hey all, I’ve been off planning and then attending a bachalorette party so email hasn’t been top on my list of to dos.
No stitch simply means there is, literally, no stitch in that spot. It sounds absurd to do something so silly but it’s done so that the stitches in the chart align in a way that makes the pattern more evident. You are seeing a symbol representation of what the pattern will look like. When you see a box marked for “no stitch” simply skip past it and work the next symbol.

Don’t be scared of charts, they can actually be much easier than written out patterns. If you take it slowly and work stitch for stitch, you’ll find it comes together easily and in time, it will teach you more about how lace and other patterns really work.