I have a Challenge

Hi everyone,

For those who can’t resist a challenge, go to my blog (link below)

Come join!

Left you a comment on your blog.

I actually did this last night…sketched a picture of Lonnie’s new guitar (I gave him a 12 string jumbo Takamine for his birthday :wink: ), then graphed it on knitters graph paper and knit up a small hand towel…the technique I’d not done was the backstitching that I did for the strings :wink:

awesome! can’t wait to see it!

I took photos that did not turn out well at alll, I will try to photograph them when Lonnie gets home (it was hidden in his lunch)…if I don’t like the photos I am going to knit it again with a solid yarn (this yarn is cream colored with colored specks in it) so that I can puta proper picture and pattern on my blog :wink: