I have a Blog

I excited, gitty, and a bit nervous. I started a blog at blogspot. If you have time can you visit and let me know what you think. :shock:


Hey, that’s so awesome! I just got a blogspot a couple days ago too, so we’re both new to the knitting blog world! I’ll keep checking to see how it goes :smiley:


I’ve been to your bog a few times. It looks great.

Hi redheadrachel! :waving: dreamsherl: That’s a neat blog! Maybe I’ll start one, but I have to ask my dad. :slight_smile:

Hi dreamsherl!
Neat start to your blog and love the shrug you made for your beautiful daughter!!
Also the Branching Out scarf looks great, I like your yarn choice. I just finished the BO in a periwinkle silky wool and I enjoyed making it. Haven’t blocked it yet though.
I’ll definitely check your blog for your progress.

:happydance:Yeehaw … welcome to blogland!!! I had a hard time getting mine started; but once I got past “blogger’s block”, I found it’s been really quite fun.

I all too often become a bad knitter, sometimes abandoning my needles for weeks at a time; so I’m trying to use the blog as a means to keep me focused. And even if I lose a little knitting focuse, that’s ok - the blog just makes me account for it more. :wink:

Happy blogging … and happy knitting too (of course!). :thumbsup:

Hi Sherlda,
I’m in the U.S. also. I’m glad you started your blog. Before starting my blog I’d focus on learning patterns. Now with my blog, I knit more projects per week than before. I’m sure you’ll enjoy sharing tips with knitters through your blog’s “comment box.”