I have 3 stitches then 5?

I am working 2x2 ribbing on 16 inch circular needles. I should have 5 stitches, but for a majority of the stitches I have 3. How do I fix this? Do I need to frog?

It looks like 2x2 rib to me in a white yarn with a multi strand carried along. Where should you have 5 or 3?

It is. If you look on the left I have 5 rows of stitches and on the left I have 3 rows of stitches. I think it’s because I possibly picked up my needles and worked the wrong direction, with the working yarn in the left.

Ah, I see what you mean. I was counting sts along the row. Yes, picking up your knitting and working back in the wrong direction is the most likely cause. The way to avoid this is to pick up your knitting and check to see where the working strand is attached. It should be coming from the last stitch worked. Take that needle in your right hand and continue knitting. It’s just not always possible to work to the end of a row all the time. Life interferes.
Best to tink out to the small hoe caused by reversing the needles.

Ok, I just started over cause there were other problems too. I appreciate your help!

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