I hate

the first row of a new pattern, 160 sts, and you get to the end and yes you dont have enough sts, after the first row it easy, but that first row whooeee

Yep, you have to pay close attention on the first row of a st pattern. Instead of ripping out to start over, look at the beginning of the row and count off the sts as they should be done in the pattern (like k2tog, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1… etc) until you find your mistake. Then undo your sts to that point and fix it. You can also place markers between each pattern repeat, knowing that you need to end up with 12, or 18 or whatever sts between each marker, then check as you finish up each section.

first i think i did not put enough stitches on, and second i was repeating from the beginning of the row and not from * the silly thing is i wrote the pattern, maybe i need a cup of tea

I hate the first row because I find it harder to knit. I cast on tightly and thought I usually cast onto two needles to make it looser, sometimes this doesn’t produce the nicest edge, so I suck it up and have to knit a tight first row. After that I love it.

1st rows i hate 2