I HATE Toe Up Socks!

I’m TRYING to get through my first couple of toe up socks, and I absolutely HATE it! I’m thinking of frogging both pairs and starting over with another pattern. It’s not the pattern, but the heel that I detest!

How do you feel about toe ups?:hmm:

I can’t help you there as I am going to try toe up next. I am hoping it can be done on circulars as that is all I use. So I can’t do the poll as I haven’t done toe up yet. My LYS group likes them.

Oh, if it’s a short row heel you’re hating, I’m with you. I’ve tried several times, I just don’t like them. Plus I’m not real crazy how they fit my feet.

My next toe up I’m going to use a gusset heel like this one:

I’m with you. I tried a pattern a while back, and ended up frogging it. Got all the way to the heel, ripped out the heel about 4 times and still couldn’t get it right. ICK!

Maybe if I had someone to show me…but for now, I love cuff down, so that works for me. :slight_smile:

I’ve made a toe up pair and they turned out okay…I can do a short row heel, I did one one some little slippers and top down socks before. But what I really didn’t like was the bind off, I made it too tight and had to redo, I did it the loosest way I knew how and it still was a bit tight.

I have seen toe up patterns with gusset heels and have been interested in trying one like that but it’s the bind off at the end that stops me.

I re-watched Knitty Gritty with Cookie A doing her Twinkle Toe socks which has a gusset increase yada yada yada for about the 5th time last night. That’s when I finally said…fughettaboutit!!! :hmm:

I see no one is voting that they prefer toe ups. So I don’t feel so badly! :teehee:

The only advantage I can see is if you really want to use all of your yarn on the socks with no leftovers. I have done several different toe up patterns and eh, I’m not thrilled. I can try on cuff down socks as I work which is one of the pluses that toe up proponents talk about.
I prefer the heel on toe down as well and not fond of the toe up cast ons. I also like custom shaping my toe to fit my foot on cuff down. I know I could adjust a cast on toe to fit my foot, but socks for me are pretty mindless knitting once I get my pattern on the cuff memorized.

I started knitting toe-up because I was too lazy to knit a gauge swatch and/or I could never get the CO number right when I did cuff-down. I’d get the sock half knit and realize it was too big or too small to fit and have to start over!

I just learned how to do short-row heels and I like them! I also like being able to try the socks on as I go.

For the too-tight BO – I’ve had that happen several times and it’s so frustrating!! Have you tried the sewn bind-off? I learned it from Silver’s Sock Class (I think), and that one always works for me when everything else comes out too tight.

For the too-tight BO – I’ve had that happen several times and it’s so frustrating!! Have you tried the sewn bind-off? I learned it from Silver’s Sock Class (I think), and that one always works for me when everything else comes out too tight.

On the socks in question that is exactly what I did when I saw it was too tight, it was better, but still tight. I’ve done successful sewn bind offs on other things so I thought it would work nicely but I still wasn’t pleased.

I just don’t like the way the toe feels…the one pair I did…the toes were a little pointer than other socks I have made…

I will make one more go with a different pattern…but if it doesn’t wow me…I am going to stick to cuff down!

In the latest issue of Cast ON there is a very informative section on toe-up socks with real good pictures and a really great “Stitch Anatomy: Entrelac Lesson” . I looked at the sock article was really impressed and am not afraid to do toe-up socks. The entrelac article I looked at the pictures and am saving that for an in depth look!!!

I really enjoy both. For me, if I love the pattern then the construction doesn’t matter. I really dislike the short row heel though so I generally swap in a different heel.

I am working on my first pair of socks (well, like the 5th attempt at socks) and they are toe up on 2 circs - Ok for me, but I was having no luck doing the cuff down version w/dpns. Having no experience with other heels, I’m can’t say what I prefer, however I did end up with a big hole on one side of the heel, which I obviously don’t like, and I think it’s because of the short row thing! I do like being able to try them on as I go!

I’m doing 2 at a time toe-up now and LOVE it. I bought the book to learn 2 at a time cuff-down but haven’t tried it yet. I had checked out Wendy Johnson’s book from the library (Socks from the Toe Up) and wanted to get as much as I could out of it before I had to turn it in. I think it all depends on how you learn things and the pattern to which is easiest. I like them both equally, but I love 2 at a time!

But have you gotten to the gusset & heel part yet? That’s what I don’t like on toe-ups. Everything else is fine.

I managed to learn and do LadyFirelyght’s toe-up socks that she asked for volunteers on. They came out just fine. Since then, I’ve tried doing just a plain toe-up pair and I HATE THEM! As other’s have said - the cuff bind-off is too tight no matter what I do and I don’t the look or feel of the heels. I’m sticking to cuff down. No need to mess with success. If I find a pattern I like for toe-ups, I rewrite it as if it were a top down (that would be “backwards”) and do my own tried and true heel. I’m glad for the learning experience and could do them if it was a matter of life or death, but I choose not to do it again.

I prefer both. I love toe-up patterns for smaller needle sizes. I prefer to use the two circ method. If I plan on doing slipper socks, I like going cuff down. Both have their pro’s and con’s. For instance, I hate having to do the heel flap on cuff down, especially with smaller needles. I also found that using a bulkier yarn for toe-up is more difficult, since there is less stitches required. I guess it’s all in preference, but either way you will still have a sock or two. :wink:

I hate cuff down. Cannot stand it. And there are so few good toe-up patterns that I started writing them myself!

What’s the link to that, I’d like to try it.

I would reply in the poll but my response would be “I can’t choose, I dislike both equally”

I have knitted many things… including many socks… i just don’t enjoy knitting socks…