I HATE the pond!

:frowning: I do NOT like the frog :frog: pond :frog: !!!
I have been happily knitting along on the last sock for my aunt today…a simple twisted rib tube sock…and…doing it on 2 circs, thank you very much :wink:
I then tried it on when the yarn was just about gone, ready to do toe decreases and it’s too short :shock:
So, I’m just going to add a different color cuff & toe…no :fingerwag: problem :wink: I just wish I had done it in the 1st place :rollseyes: I was going to be so :smiley: happy :smiley: to have made a pair of socks in 1 day…oops :blush: …guess I got ahead of myself getting all cocky :roflhard: :rofling:

:frowning: It happens to all of us. I, for one, am eternally grateful that yarn is reuseable!

sowwwwwyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :sad:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

But, at least the part you can keep is VERRRRY PREEEEETY!

…guess I got ahead of myself getting all cocky

Ha ha, yup, I did that yesterday! Was knitting a new sock in the car and not paying enough attention (of course my DH’s driving contributes to THAT!)

and I had to ribbit a bunch of rows this morning.

Another lesson in paaaaaaaatienceeeeeeee… :frog:

LOL, yep, the pond is called Pond o’ Patience :roflhard: :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Sorry about the pond, though. :frowning:

Rebecca, What pattern are you using for your simple twisted rib tube sock?? I found this site while looking for your pattern …