I hate slip stitch

I’ve seen people do them on TV and they go right through. Mine always hang up on the back loop.
The only way I can do them is to turn the hook (the hook of the hook, not the whole crochet hook) up and away rather than down and towards me.

Normally my sister is who gives me tips but I asked and she said she hates them too.

I suppose I could live with turning the hook upside down. I did get kind of fast when I just did something that had a lot of sl st, but there has to be a better way.

My slip stitches : Most of the time, I pull through the first loop, then through second, because otherwise I confuse them with sc…

I do like bluey, but the only reason I’ve ever used them is to join a ring together or new yarn, or to make “embroidery” on the surface of a knitted piece.

Do you crochet fairly tightly? That might be why they are hanging up. Maybe going down a hook size for the slip stitch part would help, but I guess it would depend on what you are using it for.

I do the stitch what ever way works. If the thread or yarn is small and tight , I tend to do it up and away. Do it whatever way works for you. How you do a stitch is a guideline and most people can do it that way. Other times we do it whatever ways is comfortable or works for us.:cheering:

I used to be overly tight but then I practiced until I got the recommended gauge with the recommended hook. To get that I just have the yarn going over my index finger and between it and my middle finger (and my skinny fingers do not close tightly).

I guess I stick with “whatever works”.
Maybe I’ll watch The Crochet Dude on Knit and Crochet today in slow motion.