I hate running out of yarn!

So I’m working on a modified Booga bag with WOTA in hollyberry, spruce, and grass. I just ran out of hollyberry midstripe! Arrrrgh. So now I have to order more online and wait for it to come! Poo. I don’t mind too much if I don’t get the same dyelot. It’s a beginner project so any variances in color will just add character! :rofling: I just want to keep working on it! But this gives me an excuse to order some sock yarn for when I finally decide to persue that new skill…

It’s annoying when you run out of yarn mid project, but it does give you a guilt-free excuse to start something new. Its a shame you had to order more yarn, though. :— I think it’s always good to ‘round out’ orders with a little extra. :wink:

I too hate running out of yarn…and if you HAVE to have the same dyelot then its a total nightmare!!! :frowning:

In highschool(before I learned that i love to knit) I asked my Mum to knit me this sweater…it was to DIE for :heart: , anyways, she ran out of yarn & it is now with me in a bag incomplete…I would so love to finish it but the yarn is no longer around(thats why my Mum couldnt finish) seems she got the very last bunch…wish there was something i could do…

Rhy :XX:

I believe there is a place on ebay that you can list a yarn that you are looking for…if you happen to remember the name of the yarn, maybe someone out there has a few random balls in the back of their stash.

Well I ordered 2 balls of KP sock yarn Dancing in the Jig colorway to round off my order. My husband will ask me why I ordered it since I’ve never knit a sock yet, and frankly I’m rather scared to try. :shock: But it was on sale! Isn’t that reason enough?? :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: YES! That is enough of a reason :slight_smile:

Wow, Im an avid Ebayer and never thought of that, do you really think that people might have some kicking around since the late 80’s??? :shock:

Oh that would soooo make my…my…my…YEAR :smiley:
Rhy :thumbsup:
Thanks so much for the tip!

Here is the link: http://pages.ebay.com/wantitnow/about.html

You can list what you want for free.

Thanks sooooo much!

I’m on it & believe me, if i can actually find someone with some of this stuff out there I’ll be hollering from the rooftops…haha.

The sweater is almost completed…just need alittle.

Rhy :happydance:

Ok, i’ve posted a want it now…I didnt put a picture on there though, do you think I should…i know that when im surfing i dont look at the ones without a picture…what do you think?

Rhy :thinking:

:frowning: running out of yarn stinks!! I just ran out last week, too! LOL, I did the same thing u did…bought lots of extra yarn :thumbsup:

Having SABLE several times over is a SOMETIMES preventative medicine to the illness of running out of yarn! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I certainly qualify for SABLE, but I did run out for a project last week. Of course, I ordered more than I could possibly need to finish. :wink:

Why is it that no matter HOW much yarn you have in your stash, you still end up buying more? I picked up some Bernat Satin and some LB Fun Fur to make Lissa a cardigan yesterday on my way out of work! :rollseyes:

It’s an illness, and I have a chronic case. I bought two big batches of yarn this week! I really don’t need it, regardless of what anyone says or what I tell myself. It’s just so satisfying. :rollseyes:

do you really think that people might have some kicking around since the late 80’s???

I have some kicking around from the early 70’s!!! :roflhard: