I hate ribbing!

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but i just thought i would share that I HATE RIBBING :grrr: I have been attempting to make ribbed “anything” but can only get about an inch down the way before I mess up and get frustrated and frog the whole thing :frog:
how do the rest of you do ribbing? am i the only one that can’t count 2x2 without screwing up??? :!!!:

I don’t mind it. Once you get the rhythm going it seems to become second nature. :shrug:

It’s like that for me, too. Maybe just go slowly and be careful?

same here! i used to hate it with a passion now its not bad at all. i actually kind of like it!
:hug: 4 u! you’ll get it!

Don’t worry about losing count, just look at the stitches underneath and you’ll see where you are and each stitch ought to be.

good point. thats how i know where i am. its real easy if you just follow the bottom stitch.

i just wanted to say i hate ribbing too.

Learn what the stitches look like and you’ll always know what you are supposed to be doing w/o counting. Infinitely easier! :hug:

I just hate how much time it takes to knit ribbing than it does to knit stockinette.
all of that switching front to back… ugh!

I don’t hate ribbing, but I’ve tried making socks twice now and messed up both times about 4 inches into the cuff. Somehow I ended up with one too many or one too few stitches, which obviously threw off my ribbing. I haven’t been able to get the stitches back on the needles the right way, so I’ve frogged both attempts at socks. I’m definitely going to try again, but I’m half tempted to use a lifeline! At least then I wouldn’t have to start all over again.

Ronda, are you using DPN’s? If so I may be able to tell you where your extra stitches come from. This happens quite often to me so I make sure I REALLY pay attention or I end up frogging it.

Sometimes my DPN sticks itself under the stitch between the needles effectively making one. I recognize it by the break in my ribbing rhythm as I tend to count in my head “1,2,forward,1,2,back”

To help fix this when it does happen I learned to “unknit” when the error isn’t too far back. Just look for the spot where your pattern looks weird and go back to there.

Hope it helps!

I loathe knitting rib stitch, too.

Once I began venturing out into patterns that required counting of stitches and pattern repeats, I found I needed to repeat kindergarten level mathematics, as I obviously forgot how to count beyond 4.

Well, I don’t like ribbing as well. Not that I mess up or something, but I just hate doing it. I like a difficult pattern, but when it’s just easy altering between knit and purl ever 2 stiches, I get bored. Stockinette is also boring, but doesn’t require attention, so that’s not as bad as ribbing.

I find that using continental method i have not trouble doing ribbing. But then again, trying to learn continental was a challenge and confused the heck out of my knitting teacher!

Not a big ribbing fan either. I made my husband a ski hat that is entirely ribbing, I hated making the thing.

I try to avoid; it’s the yif/yib switching thing.


Thanks guys :hug: I don’t feel so entirely dumb now. Hopefully my dh is getting me the sock book I asked for for xmas, so I can try socks w/o the ribbing :heart:

I hate ribbing too!!! It takes too much concentration for something that is so simple, its just tedious.

Yes, DPN. I’ll keep this in mind the next time I try my socks! Thanks!

No matter what kind of needles you are using (I can mess up with anything) on socks, if your next stitch after the needle change is a purl, it is easy to accidentally bring the yarn across the needle and create an extra stitch without noticing it. I have to be very careful. This can happen with circs and magic loop as easily as with DPNs–you just don’t have as many opportunities per row.