I hate my knitting ....:-(

Can I just say I hate the cheap bamboo circular needle I bought. I hate the spiral scarf I am knitting. I hate with a passion the loopy fuzzy easy to lose stitches wool in black I am using.

My fingers hurt trying to push the knitting up to knit and then pull down on the other needle. The times I have been pulling and loads of stitches either to be knit or just knitted have flown right off.

Its horrible Horrible I tell you…I so want to finish this spiral scarf which has hundreds of stitches on it. It will be beautiful but at the moment I HATE it.

Sorry I had to vent.
Is there anything I can do to make the needle more slippy? My stupid 20 year old son supplied the answer ‘put butter on then’ :wall:
I have 2 more rows and then bind off. But its so hard. I have arthritis in my large joints too. So am suffering.

Ok I am going now sorry again. My husband keeps saying its supposed to be fun.
While I sit in the corner sweating, struggling and swearing :grrr:

:muah: Sharon :waah:

:hug: :heart: :hug:

Put it away for a while and work on something else!!! The more frustrated you get with it, the harder it will be to knit, because you’ll be all tight and anxious while you’re doing it.

Do you have an idea for a next project? Or something else on needles?

Im not sure if any of this will help you on this project, but here goes:

If you are having that much trouble getting the stitches to move, you might be knitting too tightly. Try to relax when forming each stitch and don’t pull each one tight after you have formed it. You mentioned using a circular needle, if you are knitting in the round the needle length may be an issue - too short and the stitches get all bunched up and hard to move, too long and they are all stretched out along the needle and hard to move. Too long of a needle is not an issue if you are knitting flat on circulars, but too short can be. Finally, you may want to change the needle material you use. I find Bamboo to be quite “grabby” and hard to move stitches along - good for slick cottons but not fuzzy wool. Metal needles generally are slicker and allow stitched to move easier. Addis are the slickest (and expensive), but any aluminum needle may help.

Good luck!

Try rubbing waxed paper on your needles–that might make them a little more slippery.

I agree–when knitting something becomes more frustration than fun, step away from that particular project for a while. Knitting should lower your blood pressure, not give you an aneurysm.

I was going to suggest the wax paper, too. It really does help! And you also might be knitting a bit too tightly; your frustration with the needles probably doesn’t help in that regard either. :hug: :hug:

We’ve all been there! :heart:

That’s the thing with cheap needles - if you get them cheap, you get what you pay for. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. I got two large circs from Joanns or Hancocks or some such store in their store brand, and they were completely unsalveagable, so I just had to toss them.

I started with the metal needles and then happened to buy bamboo dpn’s just to see what they were like. I love them and I hate the metal. Why you ask? Well because all my stitches would just fall off the needle. It drove me nuts. With the bamboo, yes, you do have to tug once in a while, but to me that’s better than picking up a bajillion stitches!!! :wall:

(slight exaggeration) :teehee:

I agree, walk away for a few hours and give it a try again, if it still bugs you then do it tomorrow and work on something else. I’m a tight knitter when I knit english, but my continental knitting is much looser. I prefer the continental, much less stress on my neck and shoulders. :roll:

I am so weird :rofl:

I don’t use bamboo, but I rub a dryer sheet on my needles to make them slicker. It also makes your knitting smell great! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.

I went to EBAY yeah I know I promised I wouldnt :roflhard:
Today I received a beautiful new circular with stunning metal needles. It is so gorgeous, its am addi premium made in Germany.

I can’t wait to use it after I have finished lovingly fondling it :roflhard:

:hug: Sharon