I hate microspun!

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ahhh…ok, just had to get that out there. I’m knitting Widdershins from Knitty with LionBran Microspun. And it generally feels and looks lovely but OY! It’s driving me absolutely up a wall. It’s just splits like absolutely crazy. Especially on the cable rows. It’s maddening, and it’s making these really lovely socks look like crap. :sad:

Deep breath.

Ok…I feel much better now :rofl: Just had to vent…back to the socks!

Hi HamaLee,

I can sympathize with you…I used Lion Brand Homespun for a Snuggle a while back (I didn’t buy it! It was given to me.) and I hated every minute of it! It’s not that it split…what it did was as you were using the yarn, if you weren’t extremely careful about how you were feeding it through your hand/fingers, you wound up with a handful of squiggles that you then had to try to redistribute evenly over the next length of yarn! Horrible stuff!!! :-x

But hey, it was free, and I did like the way the variegation happened. I’d bet there are lots better variegated yarns out there though…


I made a hat for my daughter out of it. I liked the subtle sheen that it had and it was very soft, but I agree–it splits like crazy! It’s too bad they can’t find a way to process the yarn to that it’s more woven together, but maybe that’s one of the characteristics that make it seem so soft? :shrug: I don’t know. But it’s such a pain to knit with, I’ve got to agree with you there!

Hehehehe…boy I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was beginning to think I was crazy.

I’m much better now though since I took a break :smiley:

yup, microspun is splitty. They have such happpy colors though :pout:

So true about the colors! JoAnn’s around here have such dismal yarn selections and I was in a “want yarn now now NOW” mood so I went there instead of my LYS. And really, the colors are so bright shiny! I bought two skeins in each of two different colors and now I’m cursing myself cuz I’ve gotta make some socks out of that second color. Grrr… :wall:

I made some socks on size 2 needles with it for my daughter, and definitely noticed the splitting. I have some white to make some for me, but I may use larger needles (like size 4 or so) the next time. I think the small needle size contributed a lot, in my case. I also have my Options now, so that may help as well.

I crocheted a wrap with Microspun, and once you get going, the splitting is less of an issue. (Of course, that could be just because I got used to it.) It’s super-soft, though!

I don’t want to be contrary, but I didn’t mind knitting with microspun. I’ve only knitted once with microspun (a top) and while there was some splitting, it wasn’t bad. I agree that the colors are nice and vibrant!


I was wondering how the socks with Microspun came out. Did they retain their shape?

I have a love/hate relationship with Microspun as well. It’s sooo soft and comes in such wonderful colors–but is it ever a PITA to knit with!

I was wondering how the socks with Microspun came out. Did they retain their shape?[/quote]

I don’t know. She won’t wear them. :pout: :pout: :pout:

i’m making a baby blanket out of microspun right now. i love the way it’s turning out, but i do get frustrated when it splits. i’m knitting it with two strands together, so i dont know if that makes it better or worse for splits. despite this, i love the yarn. it’s soft and durable and supposed to last through lots of washes.