I hate laundry..it just gets in the way

of knitting!! :wink:

I WANT to be working on my sweater. I SHOULD be folding all the blessed laundry I’ve done and not folded…


Tell me about it.

AMEN~ and so does taking the dog out, changing the cat litter, fixing supper, MATCHING SOCKS, going to the bathroom, working, sleeping… :tap: :nails:

:shock::teehee: you just reminded me…

I have a big wet load sitting down there in the machine that I forgot to take out! grrrrrrrrrrr

how right you are

Yeah I hate laundry too. As I am usually out for three weeks to a month I have all of that to do when I get home again.

I think I am going to start doing parts of it out here on the road as I get free time. Better than spending my whole week off doing laundry.

Wow Mason, I didn’t realize you were on the road for such long chunks of time! That would really make the laundry pile up. My problem is that I have a stacking washer/dryer, and they are TINY. I’m a bigger girl, and being a bigger girl, I have bigger clothes. I’m forever doing laundry because I can only wash like 2 pairs of jeans and a sweatshirt in one cycle. Total PITA.

I know what you mean. I also have a small machine. It does both washing and drying in the one unit, don’t have to move the clothes from one machine to another but also means you can’t wash a load while a load is drying. Laundry takes forever, but it doesn’t take up much space.

Just make sure everyone has some clothes for tomorrow and shut the door to the laundry room!!! I [B]HATE [/B]laundry with a passion. Two toddlers and my husband and I = at least 3 loads a day. Needless to say I don’t do it everyday I normally wait till everything is dirty and everyone is begging for clothes. But the laundry room is in the back of the house so a least I can shut it out and forget about it for a while :wink:

ROFL!! None of my “men” (my husband and my two boys ages 6 and 7) had socks!! UGH!

I feel your pain, I have three kids and a hubby who wears “work” clothes and “play” clothes. My problem was I took 2 days off (Monday was my birthday and I don’t do housework on my birthday except waht HAS to be done) and i paid the piper yesterday.

I hope you had a good birthday Brandy!

I hate laundry. Yes, it does get in the way. So does WORK, which I should be doing right now, but I would rather KNIT (or surf KH!).

…so does vacuuming, dusting, washing the floor, cleaning out the fridge…ugh!!! I’ve got SO MUCH housework to do, and SO MUCH knitting to do, and I’d [I][U]much[/U][/I] rather do the knitting. At least I have something I will have completed that will STAY completed with my knitting! Doesn’t it seem like clean floors are a magnet to spilled drinks? And catching up on laundry is usually a magnet for clothes that have sat in the kids’ rooms for a while and all get put in the basket at once, filling it instantaneously? Argh! :hair: Yes, I’d much rather be knitting (or working on my first project for my crochet class so I can show my teacher at the next class that I [I][U]think[/U][/I] I know what I’m doing!:teehee:)

I did a “spring cleaning” yesterday because my closets were getting pretty crowded. I took four big green garbage bags to the homeless shelter. All I could think about the whole time I was doing that is the new baby outfit I plan on starting next week (when the paycheque will allow the price of the yarn after all the bills are paid). The closets and drawers are now clean but my hands are empty while waiting for the yarn. Hmmmm perhaps a simple blanket while I wait??? I am using the new Denise interchangable needles I got last week and will find any excuse to knit right now! Knitters, these needles are incredible…

Yes, I would much rather be creative than responsible!

I had to laugh so much when my husband got mad at our kids the other day and after his long tirade inserted,

“and one more thing! When Mommy is teaching you she should be able to knit too! She should be able to give you the assignment and not sit there and hold your hand through the work!!!”

:teehee: He had just been bugging me for some more socks… and I had just told him I don’t have enough time to knit more giraffe socks as they are boring and I can’t get them knit in school time any more since the kids have decided to be so needy!:teehee: