I hate knitting math!

I am making my dd the eyelet yoke sweater from Lion Brand. It’s adorable and the bottom part of it was an EASY, quick knit.

But getting ready to do the yoke has been another matter entirely. I just keep making stupid mistakes…and I haven’t even gotten to the eyelt part yet. I’m talking about getting the stupid pieces back on the needles so I can start the yoke. I kept twisting stitches…and then, when I am supposed to decrease by 7 stitches…I decreased by 10! I have to go back, rip out what I did, put the 195 live stitches back on the needles and keep going.

It will not be fun.

I am so mad at myself for not dividing 195 by 7 correctly.

Awww… man… I hope you can get it worked out… I hate math too!

I’m not sure about the pattern, but you might want to check the math as 195/7 = 27.86. Obviously I’ve probably got the formula wrong, but just a thought…

Misty, I loathe math also, to the point that a calculator resides in my knitting bag. Hope the sweater goes more easily for you!

I’m not good at the math part either and another thing I don’t like is when the gauge says so many stitches per inch. I have never been able to do that. Every time I try to count stitches I come up with a different # each time. And count a 1/2 stitch what is that? I never do half a purl or half a knit!!

If the gauge is something like 4.5 sts/inch, count over 2 inches or 4 inches then.