I Hate It When I do Stupid Things!

Ok, this is laughable now, but, it was SO frustrating all day! Some of you may know I posted in the Pattern Central forum, for help with a “Bear Head” pattern. A few people replied with wonderful links, and, I’ve been trying to print the pages all day! I’ve been fighting with the printer (I had a lot of problems with it starting up correctly when I had to get a new computer), turning it off and on, connecting and disconnecting it, etc. Well, I figured I’d try later tonight, when I had more time…I tried again, same freakin’ thing! The dumb thing just wouldn’t work!

Well, after all the turning off and on, disconnecting and reconnecting, restarting my computer numerous times, AND, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software for FOREVER, I finally realized I had been plugging in THE WRONG CORD all day! :hair:

So yeah, I finally plug in the RIGHT cord and sure enough, the printer works fine! :wall: :roflhard::roflhard:

:teehee: Technology is so confusing sometimes! :hug:

Yeah, I’ve done the same thing. Just be happy that you are sane enough to be able to laugh at yourself.


Don’t feel bad we all have those moments. When I moved into my new place I was really upset that my dsl router suddenly wouldn’t work. It took me a while to figure out that I had plugged it into the wrong power supply. :wall:

Well at least you probably will never make that mistake again, so it actually made you smarter! :thumbsup:

Oh you poor thing :hug: but I gotta tell you I got a good laugh out of yer story :teehee:

Oh no!!! I do things like that too :teehee: But look at the bright side, at least you don’t need a new printer!

:rofl: Sounds like something I would do. At least you figured it out before buying a new one.

Been there, done that…and will probably do it again…with many other machines as well :teehee: :teehee:
As I did with my sewing machine a while back. I spent half an hour trying to figure out why it wasn’t sewing, then realized I’d left the feed dog down :teehee:

Although it’s maddening at the moment, it’s always good to think back and laugh about it :slight_smile:

Which reminded me of this Eddie Izzard skit, in which he explains how the world will end through technology. It’s 7 min. long, but worth it hehehehee.

[YOUTUBE=“k6C_HjWr3Nk”]The Book of Revelations and the End of the World[/YOUTUBE]


LMAO! Ohhh, that’s totally how I felt!

The headquarters for a large hotel chain used to be Memphis (don’t know if it still is or not) A family member worked for them several years ago as an IT customer service person. She would tell hilarious stories about the people working hotel desks calling IT and complaining their computers didn’t work, they couldn’t get this to do right or that to come on and they couldn’t get them to boot up, etc. She said one time she spent 2 hours on the phone with the lady running every test she knew how and getting very frustrated with the woman. She put her on hold and the answer came to her, but she thought, “Naw, no one is that stupid.” She went back on the phone and said to the woman, look for such and such switch, is it turned on or off. The woman said off and she told her to switch it on. Well of course it booted right up and the woman thought she was a genius!:rofl:

I hate it when I am so idiotic, but it happens to all of us at one time or another. Some of the biggest laughs my dh and I have shared is goofy stuff we have done.

LOL! Yeah, at least it wasn’t something as bad as it just being a power switch…lol…I can totally see why I made the mistake…I have 2 USB cords next to my computer, both of which look basically the same…One USB cord was plugged into my old computer and the printer USB cord is usually plugged into my new computer (but was disconnected because I hooked up the USB cord for my MP3 player the other day and didn’t plug the printer back in). Well, I guess at some point one of the kids unplugged the USB cord from the OLD computer and it ended up right next to the USB cord for the printer. Well, since the other USB cord had always been plugged into the old computer, I didn’t even think to check if I was plugging in the right USB cord, and assumed the one I was hooking up was the printer cord. Eventually my eye caught the cord trail and I realized it was the wrong dang one! :rofl: That’s now added to the list of things to check when something computer related isn’t working! LOL