I hate cables! But I love them :(

I LOVE cables but can not make one. I followed the video on this site and made a horrid knot. The only cable needle I could find is the awful aluminum one that’s bent in the middle. I really want the bamboo one in the video as I think it will hold the yarn better and be easier to manipulate.

I think I’m confused as to what to do after the first row. Do I reverse everything (if I started the project with a 1st row of purls and the cable in knit, when I turn it over do I do knits and the cable in purl?)

Any advice on perfecting a cable? I’m making a cell phone holder (basically just a 4 inch wide long piece that will seam up the sides) and want to do one fat cable off the middle.

The basic thing about a cable is that you only do the twisty thing every 4 rows, or whatever it says in the pattern. Other than that you’re just doing regular knitting and purling.

Have you tried using a DPN as a cable needle? that’s what I use.

I bought a set of bamboo dpns so I could use one as a cable needle. I’m currently working on a hugely complicated cabled scarf that I wont go into detail about, but on the reverse side, I just knit the knits and purl the purls. Good luck!

Thanks to you both! I had no idea you don’t twist every row! LOL smacks head :wall: