I hate being without power

We had a big storm blow through here. Seventy mile an hour winds. Big oak trees that had been there for many, many years were uprooted and strewn all over like toys. We were without power from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon. Half the city of 80,000 was dark. It’s slowly being repaired. The traffic lights still aren’t working. It’s a creepy feeling. But we’re getting there. Makes you appreciate the little things we take for granted. I don’t know how they did it in the 1800’s when it was so hot and there was no fans or air conditioning.

Yikes! That is scary. We are all so used to living with our technology it’s difficult to live without it anymore!

I’ll tell you, I sure missed my internet connection and KH! You just expect somebody to go to the electrical station and flip a few switches. It’s more involved than that. My local radio station told listeners that the poles were snapped in half. The electrical workers have to dig the old poles out and replace them. That takes three hours. Then they have to replace the actual cables themselves, which takes another three hours per pole. A lot of work!

Hope you’re back to normal now.
I can empathize with your weather created situation. I live about 10 miles S. of the Wi. state line. Almost settled down in Wi. but you know how bad those winters can be! :<)

Had some power outtages too and the worst part is throwing out food in the fridge because it might be spoiled. Imagine the losses in restaurants, stores and homes. Wish I had a nickel for every piece of produce or frozen/fridged food that was dumped. That money could probably feed half the country’s hungry people.

Considering the economic climate , I guess we can’t say Mother Nature isn’t doing what she can to create jobs.

Snort and giggle…sorry I find this funny when having a back-up system is so easy and safe… :wink:
The island here looses power two to three times a winter…sometime for three days or more…