I had to share

Well I have to admit that I am very impressed with the dress. great job! I was anxious for you when I saw the feedback of the seller so I am glad that it has all worked out.

It is a beautiful dress and i especially love the back .
Congratulations and have a wonderful wedding day :slight_smile:

WOW - that is stunning, and it suits you so well! That is the nicest looking dress I’ve seen in a while - good pick!!! And Congrats, of course!:cheering:

:inlove: Very lovely. :inlove: I especially like the back detailing. I agree with cftwo–get a good seamstress to do your alterations. A good seamstress can make it fit like it was custom made just for you.
You will make a radiant bride!

Ooo, it’s beautiful!

You have a beautiful dress and it suits you very well. I love the new dresses that have color on them. The back detail is also beautiful. Yes make sure you have a good seamtress for the alterations.
Have a wonderful wedding.

It’s so pretty!! I love the color at the waist and in the back. Simply lovely!

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments! I am in LOVE with the dress!!!

Luckly FH’s aunt is a seamstress, so I’m going to have her make the few alterations that are needed. She is also going to make the bridesmaid (5 of them) dresses, and only charge the girls for the fabric! All of their dresses will cost about $20 which is too cool.

My two cousins (who are more like sisters), two of FH’s sisters and one of his neices are going to be the bridesmaids. They are going to wear blue with white accents for their dresses.

http://elisaanddarwin.weddings.com this is the website that my cousin made up for the wedding. The password (cap specific) is Chico