I had to quit teaching :(

I’m so sad! I had to quit my job as knitting teacher at Joanns. Here’s the story (copied from my blog.)

I started teaching in June. It’s been over six months.

They STILL have not gotten my paychecks straightened out. I waited over 3 months before I even got my [I]first[/I] check, which should have taken only 2 weeks. There were several clerical errors that caused the problems, one of which was that they had my address wrong. After weeks, and weeks and weeks of calling, I finally got one check. But it was only for one out of the 3 months I was owed at the time.

However, I loved teaching, so I continued teaching. And waiting. Another 2 months go by and I finally get a larger check, which covered 2 more months. It even had my address correct. And I was told I would be seeing another check within a week, and my checks should be coming regularly after that. I was thrilled that all the waiting was over.

That was over a month ago and I still haven’t seen another check. And my patience has run out. I spoke to the education coordinator yesterday and told her that I didn’t want to come back. This whole thing has soured me and I have lost the joy I first had. I just can not continue working for a company that can’t correct a tiny little thing as the address on my checks. It’s mostly the corporate offices fault (or whoever is doing payroll processing), but I’m a little miffed at my local store too.

Everyone there knew I have yet to have a paycheck come without some attached waiting and drama. Yet I continued to be cheerful and kind and come to all of my classes. For six months. I was also the only teacher who would come in for just [I]one[/I] student when all the others will cancel if they don’t have at least 3 students. Yet I was never offered any sort of condolence. No gift card, no extra coupons, nothing. Just the expectation that I would be there for my next class, despite the money owed to me.

So, regretfully, I quit. I really, really did NOT want to quit, but I can not go teach another class only to wait months before I get paid. And I’m very sad about it.

And I’m still waiting for 3 months of paychecks…

But I will continue to teach private lessons. And make knitting pouches. So that’s good.

wow, that really stinks! :pout: I can’t believe a large company like that couldn’t get their act together.

:hug: I’m sorry to read about you having to quit, but I think you did the right thing… That is crazy that it’s taking them so long to fix that…:hug:

Well that ain’t right. I can’t blame you for quitting, I was mad just reading it, I would be really skeeved if I had lived it. Their loss, not yours.
On another side, I worked for a doctor who would conveniently forget to pay his staff when payday rolled around. He’d haul butt out the back door while we all were cleaning up and leave us high and dry. I ended up walking out on him for that very reason so I know what you’re going through. :hug:

:sad: That is very sad. It is such their loss - I don’t blame you - it would seem they condone that type of treatment to let it drag on that long!
In my book - you are priceless! I can’t explain how much I’ve enjoyed knitting socks since your online class. How very disheartening for you. I know it’s cliched - but often when one door closes, another opens. In the meantime, I hope Joann’s least gets their act together and pay you what they owe you!

My local Joanns lost teachers because of pay problems. It sounds like something they"do" :-(. So sorry but I bet private lessons are more profitable, AND you can set your own schedule. I wish I were close enough to take lessons from you!!!

That’s sad that they soured something you took great pleasure in. I hope they get it straightened out and you at least get the money owed to you.

Thanks everyone. Interesting that this happens at other Joanns too. I know I was good teacher, I even had some crochet students call and ask if I could teach them too! (The crochet teacher is a flake.) One of the store managers was soooo excited when I started sock classes, and she was planning to come to my January sock class. Well, not anymore. I’ll still shop there, but I just can’t teach there anymore. Seems like the whole thing is run by the seat of their pants, so to speak, you know?

And yeah, private lessons are much better. Only I don’t get as much advertising.

So sorry to hear that… I just hope they do what’s right, and it doesn’t have to come to any legal recourse…

It’s like… “Hey, can I come get some “stuff” from your store, and I’ll just pay you when I get around to it!” hmph! Doubt it!

Well, another reason to be mad at JoAnn’s. I worked there for 4 years and this is typical of the stuff they pull. We didn’t have any classes but there seemed to always be at least one person whose paychecks were messed up. I had hoped they had cleaned up their act but it looks like not much has changed. I know at my local store, those folks are horribly overworked and underpaid and never get any perks.

You are better off teaching privately. With the students you have undoubtedly picked up from JoAnn’s no telling when the word will spread and another place will offer you a teaching position. Their loss all the way around.

Come up here to Canada and I WILL pay for the lessons, AND on time! I’d love to have you teach me your “tricks”. I’ve never had a knitting lesson, but I am sure if I did have one or two I could be a much better knitter than I am.

Their loss not yours Hon. Do like the man did that got kicked by the donkey and consider where it came from… don’t take it personally, sounds like they dump on all their employees!

If it’s worth it, I would go to small claims court to get a settlement. That is really rotten!!

My guess is that the corporation as a whole has cash flow issues and are playing the game of blaming ‘clerical errors’ on why your paychecks don’t get sent in a timely manner. But that is ONLY a guess!!

Well, that just sucks. Sorry you had to go through that. :hug:

I sure don’t blame you for walking, though; they should pay you extra for staying as long as you did! What a great teacher they lost!


:noway: That is unbelievable! I can’t understand how they can run a business like that! Sheesh! You did the right thing!:hug:

:hug: Thank you for taking the time and effort to reach out to the students you did teach. I’ve tried taking several classes at Joann for other crafts (heck, I could teach knitting but after your experience not sure if I want to venture down that path!) and had all but one cancelled because of too few students. The one class that did make ended up being just me, but the teacher came anyway. Hopefully something more reliable will come your way. You are such a boon to knitters everywhere!

How rotten of them! Well, it’s their loss, isn’t it?

don’t they know you are the famous and “sassy” Silver?!!!

hmpf. you did the right thing.

Silver hun, They do that to their wilton teachers also. So it’s not just a knitting class thing it’s a “screw all the private contractors” thing. So maybe you could check to see if Hobby Lobby or Michaels in your area would be happy to have you. (o heck, I know they would).
Also, beings you are no longer contracted to work exclusively at joann’s anymore, you could print up posters and paste em all over the place. The grocer’s bulletin board, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, heck you could even post em at the fabrics n crafts dept. at Wallyworld (that is if yours still has a fabric n crafts dept.) So all is not lost. You could even post flyers at the local barrista’s and maybe even start a class in your favorite coffee house or bakery.
Just a couple ideas floating through this fizzled brain of mine.
Hope they help a little bit!! We gotcher back!!:thumbsup: :hug:

i am so sorry that this happened to you, kristen. :hug:
i worked at my “local” jo-ann for two and a half years and i thought the problems were just in our area. apparently, it’s all over. literally. i can’t believe the company is still going. it’s amazing what people will put up with. :shrug: