I had my first knitting classes!

I finally got to teach! I taught kids on Friday night, and adults on Saturday afternoon. I had one kid, and 2 adults. :teehee: But I decided that I’m not going to cancel any classes due to small class size. If they want to learn, I want to teach!! All three were sooooo thankful that I didn’t cancel too because their previous classes had been canceled (by the previous knitting teacher), so it worked out great.

The kid student (she’s 14) had never knit before and I had her knitting in less than an hour!! (Kids learn sooooo fast.) The crazy thing is her mom is a really, really good knitter, but never wanted to teach her daughter!?! :shock: She got as far as casting on and gave up teaching her. I would LOVE it if my daughter wanted to knit!

In the adult class, one lady already had experience, so I taught her the level II stuff, while I taught the other lady level I. I had my level II’er knitting cables in no time, and level I’er knitting and purling within 2 hours.

Success!!! I had so much fun. I LOVE teaching people to knit! :heart:

:happydance: :happydance: Congrats! It is so fun teaching people to knit, knowing that they’ll teach other people someday, and on and on. Hope you get lots more students to teach!

Silver, that’s great:cheering::cheering::cheering:! Congratulations! I wish i could attend :hug:

Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and I bet your students did too :cheering:

You probably make learning knitting [I]extremely[/I] fun! Congrats again!

That’s so awesome! What a wonderful experience - and it’s so good when students have teachers who are so eager to teach! I know you’ve taught countless people to knit socks already (myself included), and now it’s great that you’re teaching people in person. I’m sure it’ll be very rewarding for all involved! Bravo :smiley:


I wasn’t sure if I could teach my DH, but he picked it up INCREDIBLY fast…I couldn’t believe it!!! He looked like an absolute natural. It was exciting that I could teach him, so I totally understand your warm glowy feeling!!! :cheering::happydance::cheering:

I am so glad you went ahead and held the classes. My daughter took a class this summer at our LYS and she was the only student. She absolutely loved the one on one. We had signed her so she would meet other girls but she was the only one to sign up. Her teacher came to the store an hour early every day for a week just to teach my daughter to knit. I couldn’t believe it. My daughter had a little experience thanks to the videos here but I couldn’t properly explain anything to her. She now loves knitting and loves the ladies at our LYS.

Congratualtions Silver, glad the classes went well! :thumbsup:

Congratulations on teaching your class!

That’s awesome! I really want to do some kids knitting classes but haven’t found the right place yet…it sounds like you guys had a blast!


Teaching is so rewarding, eh?!


So glad you enjoyed your classes. Enthusiastic students are such a joy!


sounds like you had just as much fun as they did! i am another online student of yours! if i hadn’t tried your tutorial i would not have started knitting socks as soon as i have. thank you !


I have turned several people on to your sock tutorial. I’ll bet you are a great teacher. I’d like to come learn too!!

I also love to teach knitting. I actually love to teach anything. Finding students is the hard part. I have found several people who say they want to learn to knit, but never get started, or people who “think” they want to knit until they learn it is pretty slow and hard at first, and give up. Sigh. I’m glad you have some students and I hope they are the obsessive, not the quiting kind. LOL


Great job! It sounds like it meant a lot to your students that you taught without a large attendance. high five

congrats silver - sounds like you’ve settled in to (physical) teaching well =D

Your sock tutorials are what got me knitting socks and I thank you so much for it =D

That’s exciting! So glad it went well for you. :thumbsup:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Silver! That’s great news. Good for you! It’s strange, there’s sometimes a nerve thing going on with a parent and child, like my father drove me crazy when he tried to teach me something because he was so critical. So it was better for her with you teaching.

By the way, I am extremely pleased because I met a woman this past weekend who owns a really cool shop and out of the blue! she asked me if I would like to teach knitting in her store this fall. I was so surprised I didn’t even respond right, like, jumping up and down which is what I did when I got home. AND she said I could put some of my stuff in her shop on commission.

So I really want to hear about your teaching. Were you nervous? Did you have a plan? Or can it just be really simple… I guess so. I’m just a little nervous I guess…

:hug: I think it would be great fun to take a class from you. :hug:

:thumbsup:I hope you realize the impact your sock tutorials have had on people. :thumbsup:

[SIZE=7][COLOR=darkorange]Thanks, Silver!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]