I had my first KIP experience

In the dentist office. Nobody was in the waiting room long enough to notice, or at least for me to notice them noticing.
An assistant said she was trying to learn crochet but is having carpal tunnel issues.
I bit her finger so maybe that will help her loosen up. :slight_smile:

:rofl: :rofl:

YAY for KIPing :happydance:


Bit her finger eh? :rofl:

I enjoy KIP, great way to get conversations started.

She had her finger still in there when she gave the command to bite.

I wonder how I’d handle it if knitting started a conversation in the waiting room, I’d better think that through so I don’t come out with something like, “They’re socks. His drill goes 800,000 RPM and is 3” from the brain."


I’m laughing…

I love knitting in public… I recently had to attend a two day conference for work - took my knitting with me. I got something accomplished and during wait times wasn’t bored out of my mind. I have also found that it draws other knitters - and have found that more people knit than I knew. At work, we are thinking about starting our own UFO club (unfiinshed objects) and make it a social not work releated activity.

BTW - I’m teaching my almost 10yr old son how to knit. He knitted his first swatch last night!!! He enjoyed it and I had to fight with him to go to bed - he wanted to keep knitting.

Knitting on the Road - I showed him your blog so that he could see that men do knit. He liked the booties :cool:

Thanks guys!!!

Good for you! It’s cool to see men knitting. My first KIP felt kind of weird…I was in a mechanic’s smelly waiting room while my car was being fixed, and I got so bored with the old magazines that finally out came the needles. I got a good bit of scarf knitted that day, and no one laughed at me or anything!

I’ve started carrying a project with me just in case I have time to pass. I’ve also gotten in the habit of knitting on my lunch hour at work (haven’t spilled anything on the yarn yet). I still have this feeling that one of these days a ‘real’ knitter is going to get interested and expose me for the newbie that I am. But so what?