I guess I'm the first to announce it....(new knitty!)

New Knitty! http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall07/patterns.html

Im already in love with Totally Autumn

I love Cherie Amour!!!

Yes, Totally Autumn looks nice and cuddly.

OMG, the Woodins just look adorable! My kids would LOVE those!

Wow, I looked like 1/2 hour ago, and I swear it wasn’t up yet!

I love the Foliage Malabrigo hat (I’m casting on IMMEDIATELY for that), Mr. Greenjeans sweater, the Woodins, Cherie Amour (although the style wouldn’t be good on me), and Totally Autumn is awesome!

Oh, :heart: I want to knit all of those! :eyebrow: But my pattern lust outpaces my knitting skills :verysad:

Oh dear… I thought I was doing good looking at all the fun stuff… and then, I came across the hats… and I have been WANTING to do a hat for awhile now… And to think, I should finally be getting my Fall Interweave Knits magazine soon too… I think I may be in trouble… How on earth will all my homework get done?!?

Nice stuff this time! Thanks for posting!

My pattern lust outpaces my lifespan!! :passedout:


BTW…did you see Cinderella? Two needle socks that are seamless… don’t know how that works, but they are pretty! Also love Totally Autumn!

FINALLY!!!:woot: (excuse the caps lock…)

I had been waiting for what seems like forever for it to come up. I’m off to go and take a look…

cds11–forget homework–who needs an edycation, m m m m m-an edamucation —m m m m m educktion–who needs that thar book lernin’–:teehee:JUST KIDDING:rofl:–homework first, then knitting first young lady :tap: (or maybe young man :shrug:)

BTW Jan–to be able to knit all the patterns I have in my stash, I’d have to live to be 237. :shock: I think I will request an engraving on my headstone–“JUST ONE MORE ROW” :roflhard:

I’m with you. I got looking at my pattern collection the other day and at my “ABSOLUTELY GOTTA KNIT IT” list and I’d better live to be 179.5 years old to even make a dent.

bah! knitty is blocked at work… it must be the yarn pr*n that causes it… much too sultry.

sadly though i find that i usually like the editions that everybody poo poos and not so much the ones that people gush over. This doesn’t bode well for what i am seeing here…lol

(though i love malabrigo and i love hats… that could be good news!)

You just made my day!!!

And I can’t check it out till I go on break… it’s blocked from my desk :frowning:


Nice stuff in there…I’m adding Cherie Amour to my MUST KNIT NOW list. I love lacy shirts like that.

Hey, Yarnia. Nice avatar! :passedout:

This is my computer wallpaper

I didn’t even get the email from them yet, but randomly checked the site and it is up.