I Guess I Made a Weasley Sweater

My sweet daughter has a 3 year old son Mikey. He wanted nothing but a red and blue sweater knit by his grandma. Usually my projects turn out very nice, don’t look home-made, but look “hand-crafted”. This sweater, however, is pretty much a disaster, and Mikey [B]insists[/B] on wearing it all the time. It’s lumpy, has a baggy neck, and etc. His mom finally told me to think of it like the sweaters Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter knits for all the kids every year. That made me feel better. I’ll post a picture on here soon, I’m sure it’s ok. :knitting:

The fact that your grandchild loves it is all that matters… :hug:

That is so cute that he wears it all the time. Things that Grandma knits for him are special obviously.

I remember my mum knitting me and my brother jumpers when we were kids that had our initials on the front. I don’t remember what colour mine was but my brothers was light blue with a big navy ‘C’ on the front! We used to wear them proudly!

Anyway, people should knit more now the global economy isn’t doing that well. :x: So here’s to more jumpers knitted by Grannies, mummies, aunties etc!!

Since he loves it thats all that matters. I think its so sweet.

I think it’s sweet he wears it all the time, AND sweet as can be that he wanted grandma to knit him a sweater so badly! I think it really says something of the child when they want a hand knit item over some toys at the store. My kids both want me to knit them a few things for x-mas this year (which also really helps money wise…lol) and I think it’s just wonderful that even at that young age, they really appreciate handmade things.

As long as he loves the sweater and is happy with it, that’s all that matters!

That the sweater fits his heart is more important than the fit across the shoulders.

how SWEEEET!! How great that he first wanted you to knit him something so badly~ and second that he clearly is so pleased with the sweater he wants to wear it all the time :heart: how cool!! You obviously have a very special grandson, who gets it-and feels your love each time he wears the sweater you knit for him. No wonder he never takes it off! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should be very proud! and it must make you want to :knitting:all the more :teehee:

Awww that is so cute that he loves it that much! I think your daughter is a sweetheart for not being too picky and letting him wear it and being so sweet to you, too! :hug: