I gotta present!

It’s my birthday and I got a huge hank of Mohair!!!I dunno what i should do with it. Im thinking a shawl, wich i have never made. Does anyone have a pattern they would recommend? Let me know! I’ll run down to the LYS and pick up the needles I need today if i find a good pattern. I’ll post pics soon.

Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you enjoy your Mohair. Sorry I don’t have a shawl pattern I could recommend. I’ve only made one shawl and it used worsted weight yarn.

Happy birthday! I have a few patterns that you might like but I don’t know if you could use mohair. here are a few. I don’t know if your on ravelry.

Hope these help:)

I am knitting a shawl now with lightweight yarn. It is the knit along with Debbie Macomber, Back on Blossom Street book. It is a lace pattern but it is pretty.

I would probably make a long rectangle shawl out of your mohair. There are several nice ones in the book Folk Shawls. The book is available at KP. There are interesting stories in there too.