I got yarn at Stitches West!

Ok, so as some of you know I went to Stitches West. I would have taken pictures but they didn’t allow people to take pictures in the convention center. Sorry.

You can see pictures of the stuff on my blog, which is not very interesting, but it is what it is. :teehee:

I’m at work, so I’ll post more info about the convention later tonight.

[size=2][color=red]edited by letah75[/color][/size]

Pretty yarn! I have the Mason Dixon book. Very cute, doable patterns in there! Quite funny read as well.

I’ll bet it was nice to treat yourself!

Oh, it was a wonderful treat. I can’t wait to make some of the stuff from the book.

But hey, is this weird…I feel like a celebrity visited my blog! I checked it tonight and there was a comment from “Kathy” owner of WEBS!!! Thanking me for shopping with them at the convention. OMG, I feel like…like…the kid in that Coke commercial in the '80’s and Mean Joe Green just threw me his jersey!!

Is that weird?!? And to think I only just started my blog two days ago. :cheering: :cheering:

:passedout: you are soo lucky. Stitches, ahhh one day…
Great collection btw. I love and am a bit drolling over what you have. hehe

Why can’t I post new topic? It keeps saying DEBUG MODE :shrug: HELP

yay letah! :cheering: NIIIICE haul! :heart:

I did good, spent only $8 more than I allowed myself. next year I hope to save up a bit more.