I Got To Visit A LYS In WA

As I’m laid over in WA for the weekend I checked into a motel in Ellensburg and then went downtown for a walk and to look around a bit.

The very first business I spotted across the street was called The Dancing Ewe. The name suggested yarn so I walked across to check it out. Sure enough, it was a yarn shop.

I walked around a bit checking out the very nice selection of yarns. Although I didn’t really need any yarn at the moment I bought two skeins of Encore in a very nice dark green that I think will make a very nice Winter hat.

I also picked up a 40" size 10 Addi Turbo which I look forward to trying out.

The lady running the place was very nice as well as helpful. We chatted for a few minutes until a couple of her students came in and required her attention. She said she was pleased to have a male knitter come in as most of the men who come in are with their wives and look like they’d rather be anywhere else.:rofl:

I really enjoyed my visit there and if I’d had money to spare could have spent a small fortune as she really did have some very nice yarns there.

Sounds like a great shop. We have a Dancing Ewe in Casper too.

Oh ok, I didn’t realize it was a chain.

It isn’t. Just a coincidence that two stores about 1000 miles apart have the same name.

:rofl: That is a coincidence indeed!

Oh I bet the Encore will make a great hat! I find it a tad itchy to my very sensitive skin, but I love knitting with it. You’ll love the Addi, too!

Glad you had fun!

What fun. It must be great to stop in various places across the country and find yarn shops. You could do a travelogue of all the great and not so great yarn stores around the US.:wink:

Another great book idea for you Mason! :happydance:

Actually I rarely get to visit a LYS due to the fact that they normally don’t have truck parking close to them. As I’m in a motel I was able to drop my trailer at the motel and bobtail downtown.

Great fun! I did this when I went to Denver recently…One of the ladies on Ravelry actually picked me up at the hotel and took me to her knit night in Parker, then spent all day the following Saturday showing me around, visiting two yarn stores in Boulder and a western museum. Very nice and loved the companionship. I will always remember her sweetness and the generosity of her time. :muah:

Sounds like a great time.

I am curious, Mason…what kind of hat do YOU knit? and for whom? Is it possible, I wonder, to knit up a hat that looks somewhat similar to the one you’re wearing in your avatar here? Even a felted version of one. I am sure my dear old 84-year old Irish Dad would love one. I’m going to search for a pattern.
I had brought him home a ‘fedora’ type winter tweed from Ireland, when I visited there some years ago, and he almost wore it out.

Have you ever seen such a pattern?

btw: I loved reading your blog, and it made my 62-year old bones feel happy to see that there are still and young gentlemen on the planet, that they didn’t die out with my parents’ generation.

Bless you!

Thank you kindly.

I’m sure such a hat is possible. All such hats are made of felt and then assembled. I would think that one could make the parts, felt them, and then sew/glue them together much the same as all such hats are made.

I have no idea where to find such a pattern though.

As for the hats I make, I do pretty much “make it up as you go” hats of all sorts of designs, but all are basically just variations of the basic pull on Winter knit hat and aren’t anything special at all.