I got them!

I feel so spoiled. I got both the Denise and the Boye interchangeables this week. One for valentines & the other for my anniversary. Now here is the problem. Someone needs to invent a combined set. A set that goes from 2-15, that snap together and come in different colors. I love the denise because they snap together. They are also very light. I like the boye because they are colored (LOL), and they are metal. Between the two of them my knitting has never been so happy. The other problem is I have no where to store all this stuff!

I know where you can store it…in my knitting bag!

:lol: LOL Denise/Foldedbird. You crack me up.

Brightspot, you lucky duck. I’ve never used the Denise needles, but that snapping feature does sound handy! I love the colors of my Boyes, too.

Sounds like you need a bigger knitting bag! Mabye you can have FoldedBird’s, since she’s clearly so into sharing! :wink:


You guys are great! I have so many projects going now it is starting to ooze out of my control. Hubby just shakes his head and says anything I show him is “cute”. Including a basic black sweater for my son size large.