I got the movie star treatment

A friend of mine is an actress on the tv show “Nikita” I am not sure if any of you watch it. She plays Alex. She has also played on Y&R and Desperate Housewives amoungst other things. She is also known for her role as Jenny in Kick ***. Her name is Lyndsy Fonseca

Anyway I went down to visit her last month for 2 days and on the 2nd day I was there she had to go in and film.
She had a driver pick me up in the morning to take me to set, and had the chef on set cook me lunch. When I got there they treated me like a movie star haha they were like on their walkie talkies “We have Lyndsy’s friend with us please bring escort her” haha. Lyndz let me sit in her Hollywood chair while she filmed her scenes (no one else is allowed to sit there lol) so I sat right behind the director and beside the writer of the episode. To my right was actor Shane West (A Walk to remember) and action star Maggie Q (Known for Mission Impossible 3) I had a little headset and could listen to everything that was going on in the scenes. During “lunch” (4pm) we had a special driver bring us back to the trailers and we hung out for about an hour then she had to head back to hair and make up.
Shes friends with the camera crew guys and so they taught me a little about “Riding the dolly” its basically a big camera you sit on and focus. It goes back and forth and up and down. I was a little intimindated because everyone was watching me but it was a blast. I learned so much just being there on set that one day! If anyone is interested in seeing photos I took some and can post them. The scene they were filming was a bank robbery scene, so we were on location. They filmed the same thing the whole day, shot after shot after shot, and different angles. The episode is number 2.20 and will be airing next Friday at 8pm on the CW.
I also co-run Lyndsys official website, you can find the link in my signature :slight_smile:

That sounds like a blast!! Glad you had so much fun.

Wow, that sounds like fun! :thumbsup: