I got Noro at a GREAT price!

I just ordered some Noro Kureyon 163 from littleknits.com

A full bag (10 skeins) for $46.75 oh yeah baby!!! that’s $4.75 a skein. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

P.S. I told them when I ordered that I had seen them mentioned on KH so that they would know people here like them, maybe they’ll want to advertise and give Amy money?


:cheering: I love little knits… I’m waiting for a sock order… :oops: they do not help my stash busting… :rofl:

mine either. I just asked if I could qualify for the stashies. 15 minutes later I blew it. :oops:

lol I placed my order then hurried up and did a bunch of stash busting stuff so it could go as a reward… :oops:

I ordered sock yarn from them last week but only paid for the cheapest postage. They sent it priority anyway. Got the order two days later. Very, very impressed!


:rofl: :rofl:

They mailed out my yarn on Tuesday and I got it yesterday (Thursday). It is beautiful. I sat on my sofa and fondled the yarn all night, I talked to my friends about it, I’m in love with it!!!

:cheering: :happydance:

Little Knits is death to stash-busting. Death!