I got my Taxes done!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

WOOHOO!!! I got them all done!! Yippee!!! And I made no mistakes either. I do them by hand, no fancy computer programs for me, got to keep the mind sharp. :thumbsup:

We’re getting $2,000.00 back too, so that completely rocks!

Anyone else as anal retentive :teehee: as I am and are finished yet or working on them??

I just finished mine too! I can’t even bear the thought of trying it by hand, though…I have to do mine online so the software can do most of the work…haha…But, we’re getting over $5,000 back this year! Man, we so desperately need it, I just hope it arrives soon!

I don’t usually have my W2s yet but I got mine done over the weekend and sent off the signature form a couple of days ago. Happily not getting back as much as yall cuz my free loan to the government is minimal. :thumbsup:

I’m still waiting for my second W-2. If my rudimentary calculations are correct, I’m getting back just over $5000 for 6 months of work and loaning the government only $26. I love being able to claim Head of Household and getting earned income credit…as well as the lovely tax rebate for having children.

My sister gets $10,000-12,000 back each year for owning her own home, her own business, having a husband in a government job in a hazardous area, as well as having 5 children.

I got my W-2 on Monday and filed my taxes online Monday night. I’m getting $865 back from the feds, but I owe the state $115, still not too shabby.

I usually have my taxes done by now but I don’t have my W2 yet. Stupid work sent out “wrong” W2s and are taking their sweet time to send out the correct ones, plus I have to wait on my health insurance provider to send me a “proof of insurance” form. :!!!:

I’m still waiting on that too. I have everything else for the state done, but that stupid form. Why can’t I just send em a copy of my valid insurance card? GRR

You’ve got that right! Hey, this is the most we’ve ever gotten back. For us, any time we don’t owe them money, even if we only got back $200.00, is an absolutely wonderful thing.

Something [I]is[/I] better than nothing. Congrats to all of you who have finished this early!! We’ve never gotten our w-2’s back this early, ever. It was always on the 31st. Someone was on the ball this year. :slight_smile:

I’d be thrilled with just $5 back, but we always have to [B]PAY[/B]. :!!!:

You aren’t alone Silver!!!

I don’t make alot of money but it seems as if I never get a break when it comes to taxes. Most years I pay, some I get a small amount back.

My biggest peeve is that as a single person I have to pay a much higher tax rate than married, makes no sense to me. It cost me just as much to live as a married person:tap:

I started my taxes but i haven’t received all my tax forms yet. I got my w-2 but not all the i am still waiting on my mortgage tax form. I just received my student loan tax form. If I get my mortgage tax form. I will finish my taxes tonight.

:yay: I can’t wait to get ours back…I’m getting a couch…see ya later Futon…

awaiting mortgage forms, tax appt is on Feb 16. :fingerscrossed:

Still haven’t received my W2’s they should all be in by Mid February. I usually have my refund in my account by the end of February/early march.

Can’t wait to pay off credit card A lol.

Not sure how much we will be getting this year tho… my mom does all our taxes, since I barely even know what a W2 is. lol. If she’s ever not able I’ll probably go to H&R block.

oh sweet you guys!

opened up my bank account yesterday to find that i already had my state taxes back. WTH?! :noway: I have no idea how they got them to me in less than a week, but I like it…lol

I did mine the same evening I got my W-2 and 1099 for tuition. If I werent in school though, I’d be paying the Feds :frowning:

does a tax refund shimmy