I got my specs


Now be honest, what do you think of them?

oooooooh they are cute! i get to get new glasses this year and i can’t wait! i already have four pairs…i may be obsessed…lol. Great choice!

VERY nice! I think Im gonna go with black frames next time my insurance kicks in, too! You look SMAAARRRRT!

I like 'em! My glasses are similar in brown. I really like the style, to me it’s kinda bookish but modern!

Thanks! These are the only ones that looked good on me. They’re so comfy and I can already tell a huge difference in my vision. Sometimes they lean a little to the right though because either my nose or ear is off. :??

i know what you mean…my right ear is just ever so slightly higher than my right and sometimes my glasses will tend to shift as they get looser with time. It took me a bit to get used to a smaller lense but the optometrist did say if a person has a strong Rx, a smaller lense tends to be thinner so you don’t look like you have coke bottle lenses. a guy i worked with thought i looked sort of like Tina Fey from SnL (I think NOT) but it’s the glasses style i guess. Not that I think she’s homely, just that i don’t look anything like her, :rollseyes: I used to wear contacts and they are cheaper to replace, but I’ve gotten lazy and like to just slap on my glasses and go

They look good. :wink: Very nice. I’m really partial to wire-rim glasses, but I may have to reconsider :thinking:

All the wire glasses just felt like they’d break on me too easily. I do have a 2 year breakage protection plan though just in case.

SU said I look like a naughty school teacher. :roflhard:

I think it’s more like a naughty school teacher in a coffee shop getting ready to write some songs. :rofling:

:roflhard: You go, you naughty beatnik teacher you!!
I’ve had my wire ones for two years, and they’ve stood up really well… but it’s just about time to get new ones, and I love the tortoise shell looking ones…

KK snaps in approval

Funny…I was gonna make a Tina Fey comment, too…I LIKE Tina Fey.

OK this is drivin me NUTS…Im not a newbie here by any means, but…WHAT is SU? I know SO… Significant UTHER?? :lol:

Ohhhh, I use SU all the time on my lab forum. Stands for spousal unit.

:mrgreen: I like that one…

:rofling: Maybe next time DH & I play “robots” I can call him that…

[size=2]flat tone of voice[/size]
[color=darkblue][size=6]Greetings, Spousal Unit. Please insert credit card to enable enhanced yarn acquisition :|[/size][/color]

do we eeeeeeeeeeeven wanna know what “playing robots” entails? :roflhard:

Hey…after 10 years of marriage, you have to “spice things up” sometimes! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Hey I might have to really do this whole naughty school teacher thing tonight so I can “persuade” him to go to some pet event tomorrow. :roflhard:

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

snort Kelly!!! :roflhard:

“Playing Robots” :shock: Lemme guess, it involves taking “Naps” doesn’t it??? hhmmmm? hhMMMM??

p.s. Tina Fey rocks, she’s a funny chica! :thumbsup:

Well, playing Robots CAN be exhausting!! :roflhard: