I got my options!

My KP Options came in the mail yesterday! I have to say I actually teared up when opening the box and going through my goodies. I’ve never had a nice set of needles before. I finished up a premie hat using my 40 inch cable and ML and I love love love my new needles!!

Sorry, had to share my joy!

I got mine for Christmas, and I’ve been adding to them ever since! :slight_smile: Aren’t they fab?

Hooray!:cheering: Aren’t they great? I was beyond excited when mine showed up, I’ll confess I teared up a bit as well. Having great knitting needles just makes everything so much better.

Mine arrived in yesterday’s mail, too. I really like the feel of the needles, but I am a very new knitter still, so it will be a while before I get the hang of using them.

If I may, I’ll share this embarrassing story with you guys. :oops: As I was opening the package and inspecting everything, I came across the first cable key and remembered how many times I’d read on message boards and such that they are easily lost. Most of the used needle sets on ebay are missing at least one, if not both, cable keys.

I smugly thought, “Well, that will never happen to me! I’m going to be careful and keep up with both my cable keys” (this is my first set of interchangeables).

I’ll have y’all know that, when I finally starting moving things from the thin plastic wrappers to the Options needle case, I could only find one cable key! I lost a cable key while opening my package! Is that just crazy or what? :doh: :roflhard:

I put mine on a key ring…you probably need to squeeze it closed a bit, but it works!

Oh…and never fear. Every time you order new cables, they come with another key…I’ve probably got 6 or so around here somewhere!

I thought about that…I could crochet a chain, use a jump ring or something, and call it my Cable Key Chain. :teehee:

Don’t worry. If you misplace both cable keys a paperclip work great.

I use a tapestry needle:sun:

happy new baby to you!!! i knit baby clothes all the time…best patterns are Debbie Bliss…and most wonderful classic book is Debbie Bliss BABY KNITS FOR BEGINNERS…i am not a beginner anymore and still use that book all the time!
keep us posted on your little one’s arrival

:woot: :woot: Good for you. What an exciting day for you.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=magenta][I]Yay, Jenny ! :balloons: That’s worth tearing up over…they’re a great set, and every knitter deserves good tools ![/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]