I got my Options!

I’m so excited! :cheering::cheering: They were a birthday gift from my dad. I told him what to get me, of course.

And my husband let me go on a yarn buying spree for my birthday - I’ll share pics as soon as I get my camera cord back from a friend. Some yummy undyed alpaca, mohair, hand dyed sock yarn and merino wool…lots of goodies.

I can’t wait to use the Options! Now to decide what to knit…:think:

I just got mine a few weeks ago, and they’re AMAAAZING! You will not be disappointed! And by the way, you have exceptionally nice family members :smiley:

I got my options last week and I :heart::heart::heart::heart: working with them!!! I don’t know what I ever did without them:shrug:

I ordered just a couple to try them out, and like them, so maybe I will get the whole set sometime soon, need to save up some money first.

I love my options!! :cheering: