I got my KnitPicks order!

Hey everyone! I just used the free shipping for over $45 orders, and I still got it in just a few days!! I AM LOVING THIS! I am about to switch over to these needles on the socks I’m knitting right now, so I’ll keep updates on how much I looooove me some KP dpns! And the Essential yarn feel sooooo soft in the skein! I’m really surprised. And EZ and I are about to discover the wonderful world of knitting fabulous garments.

Seriously, knitting just keeps getting better and better! I am waaay too happy right now!!! :woot::happydance::woot::happydance::woot:

Sounds like you’re hooked. Isn’t it great?:heart:


KnitPicks is awesome! What are you going to use the yarn for?

I’ve got to place an order on friday- can’t wait!! I’m gonna pick up some laceweight yarn to dye and some yarn for a specific project… I want that dpn set but can’t afford it yet…

Yay! How exciting! You’ll have to tell me how you enjoy that yarn! Are you making socks with it?

I got my Knit Picks order yesterday! Yay I ordered the KIper knitting bags Love them!!

pretty colors! that book is on my wish list too:mrgreen:
i am waiting on a KP order too. i ordered friday, so i hope it comes today (i live in the same state …):pray: i ordered yarn and some circs as well as the dye starter set :yay: i am very excited!

Jeanius, I live in WA state as well(Shelton) and I got my order within four days.

You’ll get help from that book your whole knitting life - trust me. Might I suggest the Hand-to-Hand aran? Or one of her 9 seamless shoulder shapings? Or maybe even the “Gaffer’s Gansey” which is just knit and purl.

YAY! Congrats on the great score! I just got an order yesterday with, among other things, Annie Modesitt’s new book, “Romantic Hand Knits” [I]SiiiiiiiiiiiGH[/I] I love KP.

:cheering::cheering: Yay! I got that dpn set too. I couldn’t resist. I love them so much!!


I just received an order from them Monday! 6 days, free shipping-not as fast as yours, but I live in Texas. I have that EZ book you ordered -I love it! very informative and fun to read! I got two books: Mason Dixon Knitting (got it from the library and ordered it right away!) and Knitting in the Old Way-I’ve wanted that one for years, and it looks really good so far! I also got plenty of CotLin yarn and 4 skeins of Crayon-they all feel so yummy!!

Have you tried your needles yet? That yarn looks lovely too, the colors are beautiful!! Do you know what you’re going to make with it?

Guess what? I just got another catalog today :mrgreen: I’m sure my hubby is thrilled :teehee:

Have fun with your new goodies!