I got my first order from Knitpicks today YEA!

I think i am in love with Knitpicks yarn! I never expected such great quality yarn for so very little! Here is a pic of what i got today (ok the Malabrigo yarns are not knitpicks but i did get them today and they demanded to be photoed as well)

I got the Merino Style in Pine, Moss, Storm (which is so pretty!), Asparagus, and Coal. For the price is a nice wool, soft and not ichy. I am quite impressed. Gossamer in Leprechaun is very pretty and soft (can’t wait to get to work on my shawl with this). What i was super impressed with was the Elegance (which i got in Coal)… i could just roll around in this stuff… so soft and silky, and i love the way it sparkles a little in the light.

The handdyed Suri Dream in Emerald Isle is so pretty and super squishy soft (does shed a little but i expected that anyhoo)… i am going to get a ton more of this to make a throw. Crayon in Azure is a yummy cotton! I really need to get tons more of this. And the Alpaca Cloud i got in Midnight is absolutely beautiful, the picture cannot do it justice, i can’t stop touching it!. Oh and i got some Malabrigo merino in Marron Oscuro and right next to it the same in Tuareg (which my hubby helped me wind… i really need to get a swift).

The interchangeable needles are awesome, nice pointy lightweight needles, and the cord is very flexible (i think i might like these better then the addis i have). I bought these mostly to do magic loop knitting so i cant wait to try em out and see how they work. Ok i gotta store all this stuff before the kitties think all this wool belongs to them. Hehe

[size=2]Mod Squad was here[/size]

:cheering: Nice score! It looks like we have similar taste in colors. I always seem drawn to green yarns too! I’ve gotten some of those very same yarns in the same colors. :slight_smile:

Your yarn is beautiful! It’s always fun to see the delivery guy coming to your door with a big box! :cheering:

lol anybody else think that looks like an order Rebecca would be getting?

umm…pay no attention when the UPS man shows up with my 16 skeins of yarn.
[/size][/color] :shifty:

Nice score!!! I am now mopping up my keyboard, I’m afraid I drooled on it when I was looking at your pictures! :teehee:

Woo hoo! You hit the jackpot! Great stuff!

That’s some beautiful green yarn! :inlove: :inlove:

Nice score! :slight_smile:

what are your plans for all that yarn? It looks great!

I am addicted to the color green lol. Green goes well with the red hair. Most of this new stash i don’t have anything particular in mind. I know the Alpaca Cloud i am going to make myself a nice lacy shawl, the Suri Dream is going to be a throw, the Gossamer will be a shawl for my MIL. I got the Essential in black to attempt at making socks… <shivers>. I was going to knit the Crayon into wash towels… but its so soft i am not sure i wanna do it now lol.

This batch was to see if i even liked Knitpicks yarn so now that i know what i have fallen in love with i can shoot over an order to get enough yarn to make what i am planning… I have to make plans for all the merino (i am making Cozy from Knitty out of the blue Malabrigo for my sister. This is the first time i have actually bought a ton of yarn at once. Usually i just get a skein at a time. Now i am planning on a much larger Knitpicks order, oh where am i going to find the space in my little house?!

isnt the storm color beautiful for the merino? oh i love that one! i ordered enough to make a sweater and cant wait to get going with it.

what are those two big skeins of green yarn from knitpicks right below the mmmmmmmalabrigo? GORGEOUS!

Very pretty colours! I love green. My order from Knit Picks should be here tomorrow!! :cheering:

I can help you learn to make socks, bring your new yarn and come over. Gosh, I hope I remember to remind you to take it back home with you. :wink:

the 2 skeins under the malabrigo are WOTA bulky I am thinking of felting a bag with those (squeal!)

I love your color choices too! Nice haul :slight_smile:

Am I the only one that LOVES the white labels Knit Picks uses? I think it makes the yarns look so CRISP and CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL! :heart: :inlove:

You sure are brave! I try order just about 40 bucks at a time so I don’t feel so guilty. Thanks for the photo. Nice pick

I received my very first order today :cheering:

I got the needles - OMG they are awesome. :heart:

Now to try it out & see how it compares to the more expensive stuff I purchase at my knitting store.

I love the greens in the first picture. I want to make a belt in the multi color one - for khaki green pants.