I got my Elann yarn

I just ordered some Elann Esprit on the 23rd, it shipped on the 26th and it arrived today! I’m so excited I’m having a hard time staying with my current project and not immediately casting on with my new yarn. What fast delivery.:woohoo:

And… what is it?! Is it soft and yummy!? We needs more info!:teehee:

It’s soft and stretchy. 98.3% cotton and 1.7% elastic, 100yards relaxed per 50g and 186yards stretched. I mainly saw it used for socks, caps, lingerie, and tank tops on ravelry. Elann has close out colors at $15.18 per bag of ten for solid colors and $16.50 per bag of 10 for striped.
I’m planning on more socks while looking for a summer top pattern I like.

Nice! :thumbsup:

That’s the yarn i wanted for knitting Blaze from Knitty.com! Maybe you’d like the pattern :thumbsup:

Thanks, that is a pattern I had bookmarked for future use.
I have so many patterns bookmarked I’d have to live to be 150 in order to make them all.

I remember the days when I used to get packages from Elann. I received way too many packages and now I’m up to my elbows in yarn. I’m not going to need yarn for quite some time. Until I knit up some of the stuff in my stash I’m on a no-buying spree (is that an oxymoron?). Must resist Elann!

I :heart: Elann