I got invited!

To Ravelry grin I’m so happy… it’s so much more intricate than I thought, I’m really looking forward to exploring. Only thing is, my bloke and his brother were in the room when I got the invite and were a bit confused by my incoherent babblings while I waited for words to come back to me …

Eeep! Off to explore again…

:cheering: You’ll have to tell us how the whole process goes for you. I can’t wait to hear feedback!

You’re so lucky…

I still have 6664 ahead of me…:pout::pout::pout:

At any rate, enjoy!!! :balloons:

Oh I am :mrgreen: 3044 in front of me… ENJOY and post your experience!

Forgive my stupidity, but what is Ravelry?:??

[COLOR=blue]Found you![/COLOR]
[li][COLOR=blue]You signed up on Today [/COLOR][/li][li][COLOR=blue]You are #21575 on the list. [/COLOR][/li][li][COLOR=blue]14121 people are ahead of you in line. [/COLOR][/li][li][COLOR=blue]0 people are behind you in line. [/COLOR][/li][li][COLOR=blue]33% of the list has been invited so far [/COLOR][/ul] [/li]:oops:

So far it’s been fantastic - really easy to use and so much potential! My only problem is that I’ve been using photobucket and really like it, but Ravelry is meshed with Flickr. At the moment I’m adding in my projects, I’ve joined a million groups (almost!) including the, and how glad I was to see this, KH group, and caught up on the news.

I think it’s one of those sites that could be overwhelming when you start - I’ve got a lot of projects to add and a lot of pictures to take, but I think once you’re past the initial process then it’ll be really fun and intuitive to use. It’s definitely inspiring me to work more on my projects and I’m loving the pattern search.

But still, nothing will take the place of KH for me. I’ve got a lot to trawl though on Ravelry, but I’ll keep you all updated with my progress grin

Take care everyone,
Fi xxx

P.S. Anyone who’s on Ravelry got any feedback about what it’s like to talk about your business on it? There’s quite a few intimidatingly good personalities on it that I feel very out of my depth next to, and I’m sure tons of people are doing the same thing as me, so I’m a little hesitant about talking about selling stitch markers and hand-dyed yarns and needle cases etc, but still it’s a big part of my knitting life… oh I don’t know! Argh!

I sent them an email asking about photos sites and got a reply that said they hope to add more. I specifically wanted to use Picasa Albums. Congrats! I hope I get my invite this decade! :roflhard:

ETA: 2793 in front of me as of 7/30.

But what is it???


Typo Julie :slight_smile: …it’s:


It sounded like the woodstock of the knitting world and a ‘meet-in-real-time-’ thing. I assume it is one mighty yarn and craft expo site - ultimately. Why do people need to be ‘invited’ however? Is it to simply stop servers crashing or…?

yeah, it’s what their servers can handle… they are starting this up themselves Casey and Jess…they say they are inviting about 1200 a week right now but "I’m not sure if we’ll be able to go much faster until we move out of our baby beta environment and into our Grown Up datacenter with our real servers. " ~taken from their latest post on ravelry’s home page…

I like that you can keep track of your wips and fos…I love the queue and favorites… I also like the idea of keeping track of your stash although I still have some I need to enter…I wish I liked flickr better though…:teehee:

dustinac… I’m always fascinated that people are so encouraged to do something if it’s online. Like, I’ve often thought of writing a list out in excel or similar as to what I have in stash and never have. Yet, the carrot on an online environment often seems to encourage the activity. :slight_smile:

I just looked myself up and there are 144 people in line ahead of me…does this mean I might get my invite this week?? OOOHhhh…how exciting! :woohoo::cheering::yay:

They are still in beta-mode. Most beta-sites use invite-systems. The server thing is part of it, but it’s also easier to deal with bugs in the system when you control the size of the population.

5168 people are ahead of you in line.
I guess I might not get my invite any time soon:pout:

seriously…it’s so worth the wait. :slight_smile:

12000+ in front of me, See you at Ravelry around St. Patty’s day :wall:

It’s a great way to see who else is doing the same things you are - you can ask for help, search for patterns, look for yarns, advertise yourself, join groups, organise yourself, help others, all kinds of things :slight_smile:

I checked it out under my friend’s login- it’s really really cool!!