I got gauge but now I'm confused on what needle sizes to use

Here’s what my pattern (Knitting Pure & Simple’s Lacy Pullover) says:

Materials- dk weight yarn: approx. 794 (892; 1,009; 1,104; 1,204;
29 inch circular needles sizes 9 and 7, 16 inch circular needles size
7 and 5; double point needles size 7 (for sizes x-small and
small only) and 5 or sizes required to get the gauge.
Scrap yarn, stitch markers, blunt darning needle.
Gauge- using the size 7 needles in stockinette st, 20 sts equal
4 inches.

So, I was not able to get gauge with size 7 needles so tried size 8 needles and that works. However, the pattern calls for various size needles so I need help making sure i use the right ones.

Would I go up a size for each of the various sized needles required? FYI, this will be a size x-small.

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Does it tell you what the gauge is for the different needles? You might need to do some more swatching just to be sure you have the right combination of sizes.

Unfortunately, it does not. Hence my confusion!

That’s strange! Normally they do, I think.

What size needle is used for the main body of the pullover, the 7?

Yes, the main part of the sweater is using the size 7s (8s in my case). I just looked at the pattern again and see that the larger sized needles are used for the lace sections.

I think I really am attempting something beyond my abilities! Back to scarves, hats and blankets.

It’s likely that you’ll go up a needle size then for the patterns 9 and 5 as well. See which parts are worked with those needles and you’ll be able to judge. One may be used for the lace and perhaps another for bind offs but that’s a guess?