I got 'em! Wanna see?

I just took a ton of pictures, and gave my humble opinion on the Knitpicks Options set.


I’m going to go test drive them now, since I only got them an hour ago. :happydance:

There’s no comparison pic of Addis/Options needle point as you mentioned in your blog. The rest is cool though and I’m looking forward to hearing more!

Just fixed it when I reloaded my ftp program. :slight_smile:


:drooling: :drooling: I don’t know if I can actually stand waiting until the 1st of the month…I may have to order mine NOW :thumbsup: They are better than I thought :thumbsup:

Oh my!!!111111111111111111111111

I saw the email someone got re: the wait for these…I’m going to have to order them eventually though! They look AWESOME!!! :inlove: :inlove:

Thanks for the good upclose pictures. I’m sure you’ll love them. I just love :inlove: my Denise. Enjoy! :smiley:


That’s what DH just heard from me. When he asked what happened, I had to tell him that unfortunately the new Knitpicks needle set was a must have. He laughed, asked me how much they were and then promptly said that was nothing!! aha! Do I see myself ordering a set and some size 0-3s? hmmmm… The problem is that I already have a set of Denises, but still…

Wow! They look so cool. I can’t wait to hear what you think after you get to knit with them.

WOW! Thank you for the excellent and speeeeeeedy review!
I have these on my wishlist!

I want the needle case. Can anyone ask to see if they sell just the case? they don’t return my email.

Yep. http://www.knitpicks.com/needles/Needles_Options.aspx
Scroll down. It’s 19.99

They look so awesome!! Where are mine? Where are mine? Where are mine???

No, I’m not impatient. Really.

Where are theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

Can’t wait to hear what you think after you’ve tried them out!

They’re backordered :crying:

I got my size 1 & 2 circs today and promptly got online to order the set, plus the 0 & 3 circs, and got a message that it’ll be 7-14 days before they get more of the sets in and some of the smaller circs, too. So I placed the order, but that means a couple weeks before I get them. :frowning:

Mm they do sound YUM! Hrm INGRIIIIIIIIIID :lol:

I just ordered mine, too…why, oh why did I wait…oh yeah, to get paid :rofling: :roflhard: That’s okay…they will be here in a week or 2 :thumbsup:

Hmmm…I’m interested in the needle pockets. :thinking: :?? :thinking:

Lesseeeeeee, I get paid on the 30th… :study:

edit:…maybe i’m not looking hard enough. How long are the needle tips?


now i have to beg DH for TWO new needle sets… these and the rainbow denises!!!

Here’s a good photo of the comparison of addis/options needle tips. I saw it on Knitter’s Review in the forum.
addi/options tips

Which is which?

I just ‘backordered’ my set too. Plus all the DPNs and an extra case. WHY oh why did I wait :crying: :crying: :crying: