I got Elfed

Don’t know if this will work…

ok I tryed it and it work… I am the second one. It was so easy to do and it is very funny to watch.

I did this the other day too! A gal at work got one…then the fun ensued!
Mine is Me, Binky, dh Matt, & Emmit :roflhard:


binkykat… That is too funny with the cat’s faces… Thanks for sharing your.

Here’s mine:

somehow I made the DBF a girl? He still looks cute to me!

Oh what a riot! Thanks for the giggle!

Yeah, it’s kinda creepy, yet hillarious at the same time. Especially since the pic of Binky I used was one where he was arched up like a black cat. Didn’t know how crazy eyed he was until the photo came back. LOL:teehee:

:roflhard: :roflhard:
He is kinda hippy…nice figure! :teehee: