I got a sewing machine today!

I am so excited I have never owned my own sewing machine before as a matter of fact I haven’t even touched one since home economics class in 9th grade but I one so that I could hem my own pants(I have really short legs) and sew liners into my felted bags I will need a whole bunch of practice but eventually I will get there.

:cheering: :cheering:

I’m so excited for you! I’ve been lusting after a sewing machine for several months now. I’m planning on reupholstering my livingroom furniture in the coming months so I need to get in gear and buy one!

That’s awsome! :cheering:

I got a very inexpensive one from wal-mart being that I am only planning on using it for very basic things it is a Brother and it only cost 65 dollars .

I didn’t even think to check WalMart… Thanks for the info! I’ll only be using it for basic stuff too so maybe that’s the route I should go.

My first sewing machine was a $70 Brother, Wal-Mart special. I ended up returning it and using the refund money and my entire next paycheck to buy a Husqvarna-Viking. I love it, though. I can’t imagine owning any other sewing machine. Although, I wouldn’t mind having an antique Singer treadle machine. They are so lovely. They are just so expensive and take up so much space.

If you’re wanting to do basic sewing, then the Brother is a good option, as well as any of the Sears Kenmore machines. My issue was that for some of the things I sew I need an overlock stitch, which my Brother didn’t have.

Have fun with your new machine. :smiley:

So glad you got a sewing machine!! I’m sure it will give you years of enjoyment.

I own a computerized BROTHER that I bought at Walmart and I LOVE it. I also have a BROTHER embroidery machine. They are both sitting happlily in my sewing room. :muah:

I have a really fancy sewing machine that, to tell the truth, I really don’t know how to use (in fact it’s been so long, it’s in storage and I can’t remember the brand). Sometimes I go over to my mom’s house just to use her sewing machine, because I can’t figure out my own! Isn’t that just a little bit sad? I really should dig out the owner’s manual and start practicing with my own! :teehee:

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