I got a lys at long last yey

i found a business card of a lady that has set up a very smell scale lys about 20 mins from my house. shes coming to my huose tomorrow to show me samples and bring me a few bits that i know i want yey.

she only stocks 1 brand (that i havent heard of, i’ll find out tomorrow and see if anyone has heard of them on here) inc patterns that are in english which is even better. i can buy patterns and yarn not online for tghe first time :woot:

can you tell i’m a little excited about it :cheering:

Sounds like fun! I hope she has wonderful yarn for you to choose from :slight_smile:

Sounds great!

You are lucky! That is the first time I have ever heard of the yarn shop making a house call!!! Enjoy, as I am envious!!:woot:

its great isnt it that shes coming here. the shop is at her house (its evidently not a shop just a lady sick of ordering online and waiting 14 years for things to arrive).

just doing a bit of a mass clear up right now as i only came back from holiday last week leaving my dad in the house alone, you can imagine the state of the house with a dad doing building work and nothing else lol.

im sooo excited its unreal as i didnt get time to get into a shop back in england when i was there

god im a kid :aww:

the lady came yesterday and was absolulty lovley. she has the most beautiful patterns. i started and finished one of bthe hats tonight and the pattern looks great in the picture but knitted it looks awful, tehre are far far to lany stitches for the hat. i thought it wasnt right doing it, but hey ds has a hat for his toys lol

but yey i have a lys at long last lol