I got a hole ? dropped stitch?

:hair: Working on a sweater & thought I was doing well … even checked frequently but missed the 1/4" hole. Tried to fix as if it were a dropped st. Good news is the hole is smaller now. Bad news is it is still not right. Found the rungs of the ladder, but have trouble visualizing the dropped stitch … ANY TIPS?

Is it really a dropped stitch? If so, you should be able to find the stitch at the end of the ladder. If, however the hole is due to a yarnover, you’ll have an extra stitch on the needle. You could drop that stitch off the needle and let the column run down to the hole. The sts may even out and the extra yarn redistribute.
Count the number of sts on the needle and see whether you’re over or under the expected total.
If no repairs to the hole are satisfactory, it might be best to just rip it out down the to hole and re-knit it.

Definitely a possibility! Think I did have an extra stitch, which may be due to a yo even though it wasn’t called for. BUT can’t remember if extra stitch came after many attempts to fix it or before. Hard to “undo” those attempts when I really don’t know what I’m doing. Will keep your advice in mind for future use :wink: THANKS!

If it’s true what that say … you have to make mistakes in order to learn how to fix them … I’ll be an expert some day:aww:

I get this once in a while, too. For me, I’m trying to rush the knitting. I’m going too fast and not completely dropping the old stitch off the needle. I end up slipping the old stitch and the new to the right needle. Maybe this is your problem.

Appreciate your thoughts & will keep it in mind:sun: THANKS!
My sister-in-law lives in Fort Atkinson & she got me started knitting this summer when she came for a visit.

Knitting can be a hole-some activity and running down the cause can be frustrating. Hang in there, you’ll figure it out. Sometimes I end up with a not-exactly typical dropped stitch, I have a yarn over and the stitch was dropped from the left needle but I didn’t make a new one, just have the yarn over. I think I must get in a hurry and don’t pay attention so the needle goes beside instead of through the stitch I should be working. HTH

Thanks … love your humor (hole-some)! It’s a WIP. Very frustrating when you find a mistake while trying to be really careful:doh: