I Goofed Help!

Well I have been doing the back of my cardigan and missread the pattern :frog:… it says to decrease as before at each end of each row not just alternate rows. Soooo smarty pants that I am just goes on blindly knitting and then it dawns on me after approx. six rows (six alternate rows that I did not decrease) that something is amiss.

I think the best sollution will be to simply take the six stitches that I haven’t decreased and decrease one at a time in the middle of the rows as I go…hope that makes sense.

Would that work? Can someone shed some light on this, many thanks

Down Under:pray:

You could do that. The shaping won’t be exactly how the pattern is written, but patterns differ, don’t they? :shrug:

What you really need to make sure of is that you do the front the same way you did the back.

I’m sure some people would say to rip back, but if you’re not willing to do that, call it an individual pattern design feature and move on.:lol:

It depends though if this is shaping for the waist, or for the armholes. If it’s for the armholes you need the decs exactly where the pattern says.

Thankyou for your input my Knitting Mates :hug:I have completed the back of the cardigan…I am hopless at pulling out rows and scooping the stitches up so fingers crossed it will work out…however…have decided to do the two fronts and just see how it works out, if I have totally blown it I will have a go at redoing the back.

Down Under