I give up! I'm ripping it out :( UPDATE!

As I posted earlier in the week about my malabrigo experience with the pink being to noticable, I’ve finished the bottom of the sweater and have been working on the collar and stopped this morning to look at it outside and I HATE IT!!!

It’s just way too noticable. I’m so upset with myself for continuing on like this, but I can’t do it anymore. I have to rip it out and try and find this color yarn but without the pink in it. Is this even possible?

I’m so mad right now!! I’m off to throw a hissy fit. :gah:

Shoot, that’s too bad! If you really weren’t liking it though it was probably the right thing to do.

If you hate it, you won’t wear it so there is no point in fisinishing it. Frog it, rewind the yarn, put it away and the perfect project for it will come along. You can match the skeins and make smaller projects.

For example the Palindrome, or Irish Hiking scarf only take two skeins.

Frogging a sweater that is near completion can be painful (I just did it). But you will recover!

Oh no! I’m sorry that you’re frustrated but I think you’ll be happier with the next project that you make with that yarn.

if you want to get more of the not-so-pink to finish the sweater, i would take a skein of each to your lys and compare them to what they have. hopefully you’ll be able to find some that’s closer to the not-so-pink. good luck! :hug:

That’s a great idea!! Of course the LYS I was hoping to go to on Friday morning doesn’t have any in stock!

I am a cursed knitter. :verysad:

That’s exactly why I stopped knitting it. I want to wear it so badly and now I have to wait until I find more yarn. I’m so close to the end, and yet, now, so very far away. :violin:

I’m going to go and feel sorry for myself for about 10 minutes then get on the horn and find a LYS that has it in stock!


Sorry about your knitting troubles.

Okay!! I found some on ebay and the seller said that it had barely any pink in it at all, so if any of you are religious, please say a prayer for me that it’ll match. :pray:

Otherwise, we’re going to find a new yarn to make this sweater, and I really don’t want to do that seeing as it’s 90% done. But once I rip it out, it’ll only be 70% done. :teehee:

Another idea: you could use it together with a calmer color by alternating rows. Use the calmer color for rows 1,2,3,4. Use the “too pink” yarn for rows 5,6. And so forth. Four rows of “calm”, two rows of “too pink”. Four to two.

Maybe the calm yarn will offset the too pink yarn…and the too pink yarn will spice up the calm yarn.