I get to knit all day today!

We got an ice storm last night and my school is closed today! So instead of teaching, I’ll be knit-knit-knitting!!! YEAH! I see a day filled with a cozy afghan, a fire in the fireplace, hot tea, and knitting! :woot:

Sounds nice. It’s snowing here today, so I will be doing the same, minus the fireplace.

Me too, It snow a lot thru the night and is suppose to continue all
day. I’m a hairstylist so I think Im gonna blow of work today. I don’t think to many people are going to come out to get their hair done.
So hot tea and knitting all day sounds perfect! Happy knitting.

I’m also in Ohio but we didn’t get enough snow/ice to close. Call me jealous but enjoy your day.

Here’s to snow days! Happy knitting to you as well!

You must be in Central, Southern , or the extreme Eastern parts of Ohio. I’m in the NE and EVERYTHING here in a 8 county radius is closed for the day!

Sounds heavenly! Here, it’s just rain. And I’ll be out most of the day. Sigh…

knitpurlgurl-I was about to ask what part of Ohio you’re in, because here in Dublin, it’s warm (37f) and we didn’t get anything at all from that storm. The news was freaking out last night saying we were going to get several inches of snow and ice…I looked at DH and said “since he’s freaking out so badly we’ll probably get nothing at all from that storm”…i was right. :slight_smile: I swear, newscasters should be fined or arrested or something for trying to induce panic like that.

Schools here are on a 2 hour delay this morning. I have no freaking clue why though. they don’t cancel school when we have several inches of snow/ice on the ground, but they implement a 2 hr delay for some wetness in 37 degree weather…makes no sense. and they can’t even say it’s because it was icy earlier, because it wasn’t. It wasn’t icy at all when DH was driving to work at 6am.

We only got about 1" of snow overnight so I only have a couple of hours of shoveling and a quick run to restock food supplies before the next front comes through, so I should have a couple of hours of knitting to get done.

We only got a dusting of snow over night but I hear that the Chicago area got hit HARD. I WISH I could take a snow day!!!

I think EVERYONE should get snow days. Wouldn’t life be much happier if we all got snow days and summers off? :balloons:

man ya’ll are lucky! down here in the south its just cold rain, no snow!

Schools are closed here in Michigan (seemed like all) also. I don’t have to teach today. I’m knitting, knitting, knitting. I hope that everything is cleared up for my knitting group tonight.

I am home today too… took a vacation day. I was supposed to get my hair done tonight (my standing appt) but we have to go to a function tonight for my DH’s job. So I had to change my appointment to 3 and decided to take a vacation day.

I am being a lazy bum this AM!!!

SNOW DAY in Michigan too!!

Knitting all day in front of the fireplace!
:woohoo: :cheering: :happydance:

Ohio here too, but we didn’t get enough to cancel anything around me…darn!!! Sometimes the library I work in is actually closed for snow, but not today!

I’m in NE Ohio too and I’m at work. Really wasn’t as bad as they predicted (and I’m in Lake County), of course that could change!


I wish it snowed here. Unfortunately, we’re lucky if drops below 70 lol. Today it’s 74F. It’d be nice to have a real winter.:pout:

You are SOOO Lucky. I am soo totally jealous!!

Okay, you are not allowed to talk to us anymore… :poke: