I Gave Them Away

I had a woman in NY admiring my knitting work and begging me to knit her a hat. After explaining that I would likely never see her again, and yet more pleading from her, I wound up giving her the Ugly Hat I’d knit a while back.

She seemed to really like it.

In Wisconsin I wound up giving the just finished hat to match the sapphire sweater to another young lady who really admired it. I hadn’t even had a chance to shoot a pic of that one yet.

Oh well, I can always knit another one. It’s just nice to have someone appreciate the work.

Wow that’s really generous of you!

you are truely so sweet. It was wonderful that they would let you give it to them! It is great to have your hard work appreciated! And you do such great work Mason. It must have put a smile on your face.

Awwww Mason, you are a sucker for a pretty face! How generous of you to gift your knitting that way! I bet those women think of you every time they wear those hats!!!

That is very sweet of you! It is so nice to have your work admired and appreciated-I am sure they feel very blessed :cool:

Were they hitting on you, Mason?:wink:

You “knit it forward”-- pure magic, Mason.:hug:

And if they were, you’ve disovered best pick-up technic, ever.:slight_smile: Hey, this is how to get more men knitting!:mrgreen:

Nice, Mason! :thumbsup:

Doesn’t it just feel good…smiles It doesn’t matter what you feel about your work, if someone else is high on it…that is what matters!

You know, I think this is one of the greatest pleasures in hand crafting something. Being able to give it to someone who truly appreciates it! Its nice to see the joy on someone’s face when you give them an unexpected gift like that. I’ve really enjoyed giving things away unexpectedly. I think its more of a gift to me sometimes to know I’ve brightened someones day.
Thanks Mason.

I know Mason…[B] I bet if you knitted an afghan[/B]-- that I’d [B][U]really, really[/U][/B] like it… and then, when I admired it, you could give it to me. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan? IT DOES TO ME! :woohoo:

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :cool: :roflhard:

I was going to write the basically the same thing as Iwouldratherbeknitting, I love knitted gifts!

Very generous Mason. Your work is lovely and it must be nice to knw that people admire your work :slight_smile:

wow, you are so generous. most people wouldnt give anything to a complete stranger (unless she wanted to see you again :wink: ).
You were very generous though :cheering:

I understand completely, Mason. I do the same thing, and then my family says, “You gave that away!!? We thought it was for you!” Maybe it’s a sickness, but I think it’s a nice one.

I’m sure those ladies will love their hats, and think of your kindness often. More importantly, you’ll have the memory of their surprise and pleasure at receiving such a lovely and unexpected gift. BTW, that hat is NOT ugly!

Oh Mason you are the sweetest guy.:thumbsup: I agree the hat is not ugly.

Good for you, Mason! At least they are not sitting in a container, only to be shown or handled occasionally and I know these recipients will thoroughly enjoy them! It’s funny how we think something is ugly or not up-to-par and others find them completely satisfactory and are delighted that someone would share them! Another example of someone really appreciating your God-given talent!

Are you sure it was really the hat they wanted ??? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I think a lot of us hand crafters are suckers for appreciation. It feels so warm and fuzzy…almost like that hat you just gave away. :wink: :hug: Like you said you can make another one for yourself.