I frogged it

I am sad to say that my first attempt at making a cable afghan was a failure. I was about 1/2 way done and it looked horrible. So I finally brought myself to rip it. I am going to try again. I got a great book that has a ton of afghans in it. I am going to try one of those in it that is cabled as well. Wish me luck!!

:hug: I’m sorry to read that you had to frog it…I’m glad that you are going to give it another go :yay:

I’m sorry it didn’t go well the first time. I just frogged my first sock and re-did it, almost to the point where I frogged it, and it’s soooo much better. Try again soon and you’ll be amazed at how much faster it will go! Good luck!

I bet you will be happier with the results the second time around. Now you will understand the mechanics of the pattern better and it will be easier. Glad to see you aren’t just giving it up completely!

My sewing teacher used to say “As we sew, so shall we rip”! I think that applies equally well to knitting! Happy knitting your next attempt!