I found the malabrigo!

I hate to do this to you guys, but could you help me look at some Malabrigo and pick a color for a scarf (probably the Palindrome or the Rainy Day). It’s for me! :happydance:

I’ve never knit with Mmm before and so far I have not found a LYS carrying it. Looking online, I am thinking Purple Magic. Or maybe I should get something more low key like a gray, to match more things… like the nice one Art Lady knit for her male relative in the khaki color… Too many choices!! :eyes:

If it helps, I am a brunette w/ fair skin (click where it says “laikabear” to see me with a tan). :mrgreen:

Can you stand to look at it and not buy some? Or at least go fondle your stash if you have some?

I’m someone who considers the purples to be just as much a staple as the more traditional basic colors, so I won’t be talking you out of your first choice. I plan to visit a couple of LYS tomorrow in the Santa Monica area, I’ll keep an eye out for some Mmmmmmmm and let you know if I see any.

Heyyy, thanks!

Love your avatar! :yay:

Love that colour on the website, wish I could see it in person, I say go for it!

Mmmmmmalabrigo! I’m doing a Palindrome scarf in Applewood right now. Last night at my SnB meeting one of the ladies said it looked like a toasted marshmallow! It really does, now that I think about it. All shades of beige and medium brown with streaks of cream through it!

I love Purple Mystery, though I remember thinking it was MUCH darker when I saw it in person at my LYS. I really love Paris Nights, which is also rather dark, but has a very cool purple cast to it. I also love Cognac and Pagoda, which would be a lovely pop of color and look great on you.

Good luck and have fun fondling your new yarn!! :mrgreen:

194 cinnabar!! it would compliment your coloring

The Purple mystery is such a beautiful color. I am using it to make a ripple scarf for myself. It has shades of dark & light purple along with some blue. It’s absolutely gorgeous. :slight_smile:

I also like the red mahogany color as well. :slight_smile:

So you guys like Purple Mystery over Purple Magic? Hmmm. I really need to see these yarns in person. Anyone who has some Malabrigo should send it to me so I can compare it to the colors as they appear online…

OK maybe not. :teehee: Alrighty, I’m going to sleep on it, been up all nite & running on fumes now. Gotta decide soon, it will be WINTER IN LOS ANGELES soon. It got down to 60 degrees this AM! (That is COLD, people). And it rained. (That is the first time it has really rained here since I have had my puppy. She was so confused. She’s 8 months old!)

You know what we really need? We need a COLD smiley. We have a hot one…

don’t get too excited about our temporarily cool weather, it’s supposed to be back up to the 80’s later this week.

So I checked out http://www.amanoyarncenter.com/

they had a pretty good selection of Mmmmmmalabrigo and prices were about average.

I like the vibe at http://www.wildfiber.com/ better but they don’t carry the Mmmmmmmmm.

Oh, they also carry the lace weight, that stuff feels heavenly.

Hi laikabear :waving:

Nice choice on the Malabrigo for your scarf! Someone mentioned the Paris Night colorway. That’s what I used for my scarf. It’s black, purples, greyish purple. I like it alot.

Cinnamon I did see your scarf - it is gorgeous!! I would like something that includes just the darker shades, I think. I was hoping for some variegation in color (like what Artlady’s hiking scarf looked like) but not a lot.

I am leaning more towards the Palindrome scarf and I didn’t want to take away from the cables! Well, I haven’t seen how my cables will turn out, maybe I should be looking at fun fur eyelash multicolored yarn… :rofl:

Sounds like Debb may have found me a LYS to finally see some of this Mmmm stuff in person! :cheering: If I can’t make a final decision maybe I’ll get a couple skeins in a few different colors… Muhaha.

Hey, we need an “evil laugh” smiley too. How do you make smileys?

ooooh, cinnamon girl, that looks gorgeous! I do love the Paris Nights colorway!

laikabear, some of the colors are almost solids, but not quite, maybe those will work best with the cables? I’m using Applewood on mine and though it still looks nice, I do think the cables would stand out even [B]more[/B] with a solid/mottled yarn rather than the variegated.

How about these for some evil smiley action??? :lol:

Try to behave yourself when you feel the malabrigo in person in a public place. You’ll likely feel the urge to throw it on the floor and roll around in it naked, but if you want to shop there again, I would advise against it :teehee:

Hi! :waving: Whatever color you choose…I would recommend that you alternate the rows between two skeins to control the non-dyelot features! I am knitting a vest using Simply Taupe Malabrigo now (4 skeins) and I am alternating rows once again.

For the Irish Hiking Scarf, here is what I did:

Rows 1,2,5,6: SKEIN A
Rows 3,4,7,8: SKEIN B

I think Polar Moon #9 is ravishing, as well as Pearl #36 and Black Forest #179.

Well, I just got back from a weeklong conference in New Orleans. What a tragic city. I don’t know if anyone read the Yarn Harlot’s blog a couple weeks ago about her visit there… it was very moving. She also mentioned a yarn shop she visited while there, the Quarter Stitch. We were near enough to the French Quarter that I hiked over there and finally got to pet some Malabrigo in person! :happydance:

For some reason they remove the tags from the hanks, and don’t write down the names of the colors… :?? But I loved the purple they had there (whatever it is called) and I picked up 3 hanks for my scarf. :woohoo: Well, maybe a scarf plus something. Or a giant scarf… :teehee: Then they wound it into balls for me and wrapped it up all nice and fancy!

Anyway, if anyone wants to see pics I took in N.O. (they’re kinda depressing) check out my [COLOR=“Purple”]blog[/COLOR]. But for now, [B][COLOR=“Teal”]YARN PORN!!![/COLOR][/B] I didn’t take my knitting with me since I was afraid of the TSA guys. But I couldn’t resist opening that nicely wrapped package back at the hotel to pet the yarn. My roommate thought I was nuts. :mrgreen:

[B]Why does yarn even come in hanks if everyone is just going to want it in a ball anyway? [/B]:shrug:

Oooooh! Sooooo pretty! :mrgreen:

Thanks for posting the link to your blog and the NO photos. I haven’t been to NO since the flood and though the pics break my heart, they make me want to go even more.

I grew up in Mississippi, just off the coast. I haven’t been back there since a few weeks after the storm. My parents are still there and they say it will never be the same again.

Anyway. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I knit a Rainy Day Scarf in Violetas and it is really beautiful… can’t wait until it’s cold enough here to wear it!

I think it’s sold in hanks to try to keep the cost of luxury yarn down, it would cost more money if they sold it in balls because they would wind it themselves.

I’ve also heard that if it’s wound too tightly in a cake and stays that way for an extended period of time it lose some of its fluffiness and elasticity.

I had this super bulky singly ply yarn before, when I bought it the owner told me to wind it slowly and not to pull too tightly when I knit with it or else it would stretch out and lose it’s great puffiness.

Great find, btw! =) I love purple.

laikabear, the yarn is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your scarf! Isn’t the Mmmmmalabrigo just sinful? Love it :inlove:

I read your entire blog! The pics and commentary on NO were heartbreaking, but I loved reading your reactions.

I also enjoyed your stories about the pooches! I hope Laika is ok!! Crossed Fingers And I am still giggling over Katie eating the rare books, oops :mrgreen:

not to mention that it just looks PRETTIER in hanks! :teehee: