I found something to knit, and it's not a scarf

I went to the DIY network website and looked at all there knitting patterns I found one I saw on the show called Knitty Gritty called Disco Bangle Fever. Its a purse… I am a male knitter, but it looks fun to knit so I am.
I bought banboo purse handles, and choose my own yarn. One 0f my friends are going to be happy.

[color=indigo]Purses are fun to make! I made so many when I first learned to knit my daughters forbid me to make any more! :teehee: Have you tried hats? Washcloths? They are fun beginner projects, too. My best friend, Frank, learned to knit last fall. He’s just finishing up his first sweater. Motto: How hard can it be??? Consequently, even though I’ve been knitting longer than he has, he’s challenging me to projects now![/color]

I made 2 hats one on straight needles that turned out 3 times to big and one on circs that turned out cool. I want to send it to the cherity. I tried another but the got twisted on the circs so I got fustrated and made another few scarves. I just need easy projects on circs and double points so I can get used to working on them . thanks for the reply have a good day!!

DISHCLOTHS!!! I must have made a dozen dishcloths when I was learning to knit. Use cotton and they are GREAT!!

awsome ! I did see some books on dish clothes they look fun and fast, my kinda project